Outgrow is a tool for use by online businesses. It provides businesses with interactive software for their websites.

This type of software includes quizzes, calculators and chatbots. These additions to a website are highly engaging. Particularly for people who are considering the websites’ product or browsing. Interactive software engages the website user, who will usually give his or her contact details more readily.

Once the user has shared contact information, giving website owner permission to make contact, it’s possible to contact them by email. Follow up on their interest and give them opportunities to try the website product. This would hopefully lead to them deciding to buy the product.

Outgrow features

The following is a list of features of the Outgrow tool:

Surveys and quizzes

Outgrow can provide a range of surveys and quizzes to engage your visitor. This can help you to know your customer better. They will enjoy their visit and that will make it easier to persuade them to share their contact details.

Interactive contacts with the user

There is a wide variety of interactive contact available to meet every possible need. You can get quizzes, tests, surveys, and chatbots

Sharing is easy

The interactive software is optimized for lead gathering and sharing. Your ROI will be justified and your leads can be nurtured to mature into customers in less time.

Fully customizable

The tools you select are completely customizable to your personal brand. They will help to stress your brand image in the mind of users.

Also, you can have different messages for different customers. You can send customers in different directions depending on their answers.


You can have analytics for each individual user. This gives you an idea of who could convert to a customer.


Outgrow has a variety of pricing models to suit all business sizes.

Freelancer quiz only: USD$14.00 per month

You can start this account with a free trial. It’s very budget-friendly. You can avail of quizzes on your landing page. This will engage your visitors from the get-go and ensure they become leads. This is for companies with just one person on the team and with no more than 12,000 visitors per year.

Freelancer: USD$25.00 per month

A business of the same size may avail of more facilities paying this fee. Both accounts offer some free content and some templates. The $25.00 account gets slightly more content and templates. The user gets calculators as well as quizzes at this level. Support documents are available at both freelancer levels.

Essentials: USD$99.00 per month

This pricing model is the most popular. It allows up to three team members and 90,000 visitors per year to the website. All templates and layouts are available as well as basic customer support.

Business: USD$600 per year

The Business Account is for full-fledged businesses getting up to 600,000 website visitors per year. It costs USD$600.00 per year and gives full access to all survey, calculator and quiz templates and facilities. Support is given on priority.

Outgrow review

Outgrow creates interactive content for your website. It engages customers with games. It helps you to get to know the customers better and better still, it matches customers with the right services so you can get down to pitching what the customer needs to the right customer. Here’s my experience with this tool.


As a business tool, Outgrow is innovative and has quickly made itself indispensable to many eCommerce businesses. It matches the right customer with the right product. It’s one of my favourite business tools. The best thing about it is that users can install a sophisticated yet simple suite of tools without having to employ an IT team. You don’t have to be an engineer to have a calculator on your website.

I am happy to report that lead generation has definitely improved after using this for a relatively short time. I am loving the fact that the software was so easily embedded into my websites. The customer support is awesome and the site is constantly updated which is very reassuring.


There are surprisingly few complaints about the tool, which is great. However, if I was a customer who cared a great deal about small details, I might find that the software is limited in templates. While it’s possible to embed calculators and the like into my website, I might find the customization features a little limited. There are various pricing levels. The top-level tier is very expensive. On discussion with other users, I’m finding that some feel that more features, even on a limited level, should be available on the first two pricing levels. It’s not a deal-breaker, though. More an observation, really.

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