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Outgrow is a tool to generate interactive content for our branded content strategy in eCommerce as well as in any other digital business.

This type of software includes questionnaires, calculators and even Chatbots. Implementing them in a website gives you different functionalities from your competitors and enriches the user experience.

When we are looking to increase the number of subscribers to our mailing lists, this type of interactive software attracts the website user more, so he is usually less reluctant to leave his personal data, after all he is getting something in return.

Once the user has shared their contact information, giving permission to the website owner to contact them, it is possible to include them in our email marketing strategy, follow up on their interest and give them the opportunity to try our products. This is a great way to generate interest and guide them through the customer journey to final conversion.


Below is a list of the features of the Outgrow tool:

Surveys and contests

Outgrow can provide us with a wide variety of surveys, quizzes and questionnaires to attract more people and at the same time help us to know our users better. From a playful appearance, we are managing to enrich and segment the database for our campaigns. We can also use artificial intelligence through Chatbots to simulate human interaction.

Sharing is easy

The interactive software is optimized to reach as many people as possible. It is content so attractive that it invites to be viralized and shared again and again.

Fully customizable

In order for the interactive content to be more beneficial to the brand, it is important that it can be customized in such a way that our corporate image is integrated.

In addition, regardless of the aesthetic, you can have different messages for different customers by sending them to different landing pages.


It is possible to obtain an analysis of each user individually. This gives you an idea of who might become a customer and facilitates the discovery of behaviour patterns.


If you are thinking of hiring Outgrow, you should know that this tool has four different plans to reach companies of any size.

For the freelancer contest only: USD$14.00 per month

Not only is it quite affordable, you can even start with the free trial to see if it’s worth upgrading later.

With this plan they recommend you to use the questionnaires on the home page. This will attract your visitors from the beginning and help them become potential customers.

It is recommended for companies with only one person on the team and no more than 12,000 visitors per year.

Freelance: USD$25.00 per month

An eCommerce of a slightly larger size can get more of the tool by paying this slightly more expensive fee.

Both plans have some free content and editable templates, but the $25.00 account gets a few more in addition. The user receives calculators and tests, for example.

However, supporting documentation is available at both freelance levels.

Essential: USD$99.00 per month

This plan is the most popular for its relationship between content, features and price. It can be used by up to three team members and 90,000 visitors per year to the website. All templates and designs are available, as well as basic customer service.

Business: USD$600 per year

The Enterprise Account is for large companies that receive up to 600,000 website visitors per year. It costs USD$600.00 and, in return, gives you full access to all survey templates and resources, calculators and questionnaires.

It also has priority customer service.

Outgrow review

This tool really brings value from the content. You may not have as many options as others, but what it does does really well. It’s ideal for setting up surveys and other visually appealing branding resources in minutes without the need for a designer or programmer.


Outgrow is quite innovative and has quickly become indispensable to many eCommerce sites. It is one of my favorite tools when it comes to gambling and design, especially because of one of its functions, which is that anyone can create and install a calculator in their eCommerce without the need to pull an IT team. This kind of resources are great for many types of online stores, they serve to calculate a financing, compare two services, calculate the budget of an event … resources that ultimately help convert.

I must say that in the projects where I have used Outgrow I have always noticed an increase in conversion, especially in lead generation. I love the fact that the software has been so easily integrated into the websites and that the customer service is really efficient (although in English, keep that in mind).


The truth is that if you ask around you’ll see that there are very few complaints about the tool, which is great. However, if I were a customer who cared a lot about the small details, I might find that the software is somewhat limited in the number of templates. While it is possible to integrate calculators and the like into my website, I find the customization features a bit limited. There are several price levels. The top level is very expensive. In conversations with other users, I have found that some believe that there should be more features, even in a limited level, in the first two price levels. However, this is not a problem. More of an observation, really.

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