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In this post I’ll tell you about Packlink an application that compares shipping prices and helps you receive your package smoothly.

What is Packlink

Packlink is a tool that works as a price comparison between online parcel companies, to help you choose the one that best suits you.

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It is a very simple and effective way to receive or send packages both nationally and internationally.

Packlink works with several of the world’s leading courier companies such as SEUR, Correos Express, Envialia, UPS, FedEx, GLS and TNT. Well-known companies around the world that are characterized by being safe and responsible.

Services offered by Packlink

Packlink offers the ability to compare rates and ship in real time, anywhere in the world. As it compares prices, services are characterized by being economic, but also safe and efficient.

In addition, among its services and advantages is the ability to track and print transport cards and the guarantee that your package reaches the address you want without any inconvenience.

At Packlink you will also find a project called Packlink Pro, a service that connects to a company’s operational system and allows the shipping process to be fully automated.

Other services of the platform are the management of returns to customers and the provision of notifications and tracking, in addition to a special service for students who will be able to access much cheaper shipments.

The platform has the advantage of tracking and notification of package status by carriers.


Most online shipping platforms are usually expensive and much more so when it comes to international shipping. But that in Packlink is not a problem because it is characterized by offering the same service as other couriers, but with cheaper prices.

Packlink is affiliated with many transportation companies that guarantee the economy and responsibility that the customer deserves.

For domestic shipments you will find prices with up to 50% less than standard rates and international services you can save up to 70%.

In order to know the price of your shipment, you only have to consult it in the web page. You must know that it will depend on the weight of the package, but with the certainty that they will continue being economic prices and that they adapt to your pocket.

By the way, Packlink has, in addition to everything else, promotions and discounts on shipments to various countries to further lower costs.

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Who uses Packlink

Packlink and its services are available for any particular user and for companies that require ease, comfort and efficiency when contracting shipments of packages and parcels of all types.

The destination of the shipment is not an inconvenience for someone to decide to use this platform because I have told you that has agreements and affiliations with major transport companies nationally and internationally.


Packlink has become the main platform in Spain for comparison and online contracting of services for parcel delivery and is reaping almost daily important fruits thanks to their efforts to offer the best service to their users.

Precisely the users and companies that make use of its services, increase considerably every week, which gives a very good reference of the platform.

The majority of customers prefer and recommend Packlink for the comfort, responsibility and mainly for being efficient, safe and for the possibility of savings that allows when it comes to finding the best options in package transport.

Only a minority, it could be said that only 5% of users are not happy with the services provided by the Packlink platform.

Your primary annoyance and dissatisfaction is due to not receiving the shipment on time, but hours later than scheduled.

But in its desire to improve, the company has worked on the times and better schedule hours for deliveries, in addition, has focused on the efficiency and responsibility of carriers when picking up and taking the order to the destination chosen by customers who make use of this service.

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