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If you have an online store you probably want to provide your customers with an excellent shopping experience and make available various payment methods, such as Paga+tarde, to make their purchases easier.

By the name you may already know what this tool is for, but in this post I tell you the details about how it works.

What is Paga+Tarde

Paga+Tarde, is a financial institution that integrates with online stores and allows customers to buy products or services and pay for them in installments.

All transactions related to Paga+Tarde are carried out through “Pagantis”, an entity regulated by the Bank of Spain.

Its operation is very simple, just enter an online store that has implemented it as a payment method, buy the product you want, and select Paga+Tarde. Then choose the number of instalments in which the total amount will be paid and ready, immediately you will receive confirmation of the transaction.

So it’s an immediate credit, no cumbersome paperwork, no waiting times, no setbacks. You don’t need any of this.

By the way, although Paga+Tarde was born exclusively as an e-commerce tool, today it is omnicanal and can be used in physical businesses and over the phone as an app.

Services offered by Paga+Tarde

This financial company divides its services into two groups: companies and individuals. Let’s see what’s in it for each of these.

Services for companies

Companies can offer their customers the possibility to finance their purchases and pay in the instalments of their choice and in a convenient way. It does not include any kind of paperwork, nor integration costs in the online store, nor maintenance. The registration of companies is completely free.

Services for individuals

For buyers, Paga+Tarde is the easiest and fastest way to shop online when you don’t have the full budget.

When an interested party finds a product that they like in an online store affiliated with this credit method, they must make the entire purchase process as they normally would, but choosing the payment method indicates that they will use Paga+Tard and the amount of fees (3, 6, 12 months) into which they will divide their payment.

Each month you must pay the fee in question, plus the interest rate established by the company, on the date indicated at the time of applying for financing, although you also have the option to advance the payment of fees if you wish.


The integration of Paga+Tarde to any website is free but there is a fixed commission of 2.50% for each transaction.

For those who buy a financed product the interest rate will be 35% and the amount for each installment will depend on the number of months in which you want to pay the total product purchased.

Who uses it

This platform can be used either by companies, entrepreneurs or individuals. In Paga+Tarde you will find more than 450 online stores that sell all kinds of products.

To give you an example, this method of payment is used by many well-known Internet merchants, such as,,,,,, among other famous companies that rely on Paga+Tarde.


Paga+Tarde is without a doubt one of the safest, most efficient and responsible payment systems for retailers, online shops and companies. Its implementation in an online store benefits both the seller and the consumer.

Entrepreneurs and customers prefer this company because it meets all safety requirements and embodies the responsibility that the customer deserves. Another point in favor of Paga+Tarde is that it is affiliated to the safe online shopping consortium called Confianza Online, a private association that guarantees the trust and security of Internet users by means of a distinctive seal.

But, in addition to security, Paga+Tarde has gained customer satisfaction through the convenience of paying fees and price flexibility.

Although in general the perception of Paga+Tarde is positive, there are some clients who have had problems when it comes to completely canceling their debts, since they have been confused in their last payment and 1 month later they are still charging fees. However, when these details arise they are solved in time and the return of the extra money is usually not a problem.

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