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  • 3 review is an automated payment plan software used by online businesses and eCommerce companies to work out payment plans for customers. Customers may be in different financial positions and helps to work out a payment plan in a way which works comfortably with the customer’s budget.

With, an online company doesn’t have to lose customers because something is ‘too expensive’. A payment plan can be worked out which suits each customer. Never lose a customer again because of a tight financial situation. Just use and work it out.’s Features

Let’s have a look at some of the features of this automated payment plan software.

Abandoned cart recovery

Your online shop’s customer puts an item in their shopping cart. Then, they abandon their cart at the checkout. Your messaging software moves into action and send an email, reminding the customer that there’s a purchase awaiting completion.

The customer reverts stating inability to pay the required amount. Then you explain that a payment plan can be worked out. The customer pays a down payment, purchases their item and then pays in instalments, at regular intervals over an agreed period of time. So the company gets a sale and hopefully a loyal return customer.

Integration with third party softwares integrates well with many other Internet platforms, including eCommerce sites like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, OpenCard, PrestaShop and Shopify. It also works with invoicing sites like Quickbooks, Freshbooks and Harvest. If you’re currently using these invoicing platforms, will integrate flawlessly.

Affiliate programme

Customers of can promote the company and be rewarded. Any customer whose affiliate link is used by a new customer will get 20% of the net profit.

Stripe account

To work with, you must open a stripe account. Stripe is an Internet payments company. can only be used in countries which have access to Stripe services. But once you’re working with Stripe you can avail of multi-currency payments, online payments, mobile payments, online invoicing and payment processing.

Customer support

There is a good level of customer support here. Companies doing business with can get B2B (business to business) support. Customers using payment plans can avail of B2C (business to customer) support. The Support Team is on live chat on Eastern Standard Time from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday. – Increase sales on your Shopify website with payment plan software

Pricing & Trial Period

As mentioned, works in countries in which Stripe accounts are available. The quoted and official price is 5% for all transactions plus USD$0.30. Pricing features include:

  • pays your Stripe fee
  • Sign-up is, no credit card details necessary
  • There are no monthly costs or fixed prices.
  • Pricing is the same across all currencies

Apparently, a free trial is available but that’s subject to the individual customer’s relationship with review

After trying for a while, this is my impression. I think when it comes to credit control, many online entrepreneurs are not as talented as they are in marketing or in the skills or products they sell, and this tool makes this subject easier for them.


Finance is not everyone’s favourite subject. has made it possible for me to offer my customers a payment plan for up to three months. So for me at least, there’s no need to lose customers over price anymore. There’s no need to lower prices to attract customers either, which is great. When things go according to plan, it’s all good.


On the other hand, is not insured, which is not so great if you ask me. So sometimes when one of my customers using a Bank card files a chargeback, they get to keep the product without payment. So I lose money. I guess you have to take a chance sometimes, but you have to be a little discerning when offering a payment plan. should look into getting insurance, I feel.

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