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There are many programs as they operate as a tool for the management of projects that are created in a company, and a good example of them is Paymo.

Of this tool I speak to you in this post. Get to know her and decide for yourself if it’s good for you or not,

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What is Paymo

Paymo is an application that works as an assistant to manage the projects that are being carried out in any company.

For most companies, managing and controlling projects is tedious. However, having an application like Paymo, the control will be much simpler, thus achieving a better efficiency and effectiveness in everything regarding the project as such.

Services offered by Paymo

The services offered by Paymo concentrate on all the necessary tools to manage projects efficiently.

In general, it is not necessary to be an expert in the area of projects, since with all the functionalities of this program, everything will be much simpler.

Among the main services offered, the following stand out:

  • It offers the project budget management tool, allowing a better control of costs and expenses.
  • Includes Gantt charts.
  • You can keep track of time and expenses.
  • Offers collaboration tools.
  • Allows you to manage available resources.
  • It’s totally customizable, so you can adapt the functions according to your needs and those of your project.


Paymo’s costs will depend on the type of license you purchase. However, it has a free version for those who want to try the product and see if it adapts to the needs and requirements of your project and company in general.

The plans available in Paymo are the following:


The free version offers the option of reports, mobile applications, to-do lists, 1GB of storage and community support. It should be noted that it is limited to a single user. As the name suggests, this plan is completely free.

Small Office

This version includes unlimited invoices, budgets and expenses, project templates, integrations, reports, advanced task management, 50 GB of storage and technical support. This plan has a cost of $9.56 per month per user.


The Business version is the most advanced, offering Gantt charts, remote online assistance, resource scheduling and control, unlimited storage, priority support, and all other features of previous plans. The cost of this plan is $15.16 per month per user.

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Who uses Paymo

This program can be used by any company or person who wants to maintain control and order in their projects.

Currently many companies prefer Paymo services, however, usually these are small or medium enterprises, and even freelancers, being all these, the main users of this program.

Large companies do not benefit as much from this program, as their projects tend to be very large and demanding, so they require greater precision and control in certain things.

Although it is important to note that this program can be used in companies of any size. However, it is not widely recommended for large projects.


Opinions about Paymo are very positive. The majority of people indicate that this is an application that offers services and tools that allow total control of projects and their management.

Most users highlight Paymo’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy to control the projects you want to carry out.

In addition, another thing that stands out is that it has very useful tools, such as, for example, it allows a list of pending tasks to be drawn up, which will progress through the project cycle as they are completed, thus allowing optimum control of each task.

On the other hand, the application is fully customizable, which is a plus, since it allows each user to adapt everything according to their needs and preferences.

However, although the software is very intuitive and efficient, it has some limitations.

According to some opinions, resource management could be improved; in addition, the program comes with some default formats, which in some cases tend to be difficult to customize, such as invoices.

Other users indicate that it does not allow the total cost of the project to be tracked until the end of the project. In addition, they would like to obtain customizable statistics on each project.

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