Prestashop is one of the leading shopping cart platforms in the market. Currently, it has more than 250,000 satisfied users worldwide and every day the amount does not stop increasing.

But, specifically what is Prestashop and why is it so used by those who want to sell on the Internet? I’ll leave you the answers below.

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What is Prestashop

Prestashop is a free e-commerce platform that enables the creation and management of online stores.

This content management system, free and open source, helps users, small and large companies to create their online business in order to make it easier for them to sell their products and reach their customers in a comfortable and simple.

It is available in all countries of the world and in more than 60 languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish and others.

Services offered by Prestashop

Prestashop has everything you need to create and manage your online store easily and conveniently.

Professional templates

For example, it has professional and very creative templates, which will give your site a distinctive touch among so many online businesses that exist today. You will find from free templates to other paid templates, but at affordable and accessible prices.

Multi currency and payment methods

In addition, you can sell in the currency of your choice and choose the payment method that best suits your needs and the characteristics of your clientele.

Integrated KPIs

Prestashop also stands out for displaying key performance indicators that will help you measure your sales and success in a simple way through statistics, figures and data.

It also has a statistics page in which you will see information on the best categories and customers, the best-selling products, the main discounts, among others.

Multiple shipping costs

The services don’t end here, because on the same page you can calculate shipping costs, which helps customers know the actual costs before completing their purchase.

Customer feedback

When a customer buys, they are free to leave comments, opinions and feedback on the product, and this undoubtedly helps to increase the confidence of future customers.

Customer service support

Finally, this platform has a specialized system of integrated customer service support and FAQs. This manager is very complete, don’t you think?

Prestashop Costs

As I told you before, Prestashop is a totally free download platform.

There is no additional cost to create an online store or any action you decide to take in your commercial space.

However, in order to use the platform you need a domain name and a hosting. The good thing is that most of the current hosting providers allow you to install this manager and even make its use as easy as possible.

Also, if you want to use professional templates or any of the modules on their Addons Store, you’ll have to pay for it (single payment).

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Who uses Prestashop

This commercial platform can be used by any particular user or any type of business.

In fact, millions of sellers around the world have decided to sell and promote their products in a very comfortable and simple, thanks to Prestashop.

Reviews about Prestashop

In 2010 and 2011 Prestashop was awarded as the “Best application for e-commerce”, and although in recent years this achievement has not been repeated, it remains a more than safe bet when creating an online store.

Prestashop has had good opinions from its users. So much so that you could say that most of them are very satisfied when choosing the platform for the creation of their online store, they feel happy and confident.

Another positive point to highlight about the platform is that by working a little SEO you can bring your online store to the top positions in Google results, which is obviously what every seller wants and I don’t think you’re the exception.

In spite of all this, there is a very small number of users who are not satisfied with some of the services offered by the platform.

For example, brands and vendors will not have technical support, designing the online store can become an impossible and very tedious mission for the merchant, as it requires you to fully know Prestashop inside, its structure and parameterization so that it can be a simple and fast process.

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