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Online businesses must have tools that allow them to optimize and improve the user experience in the purchasing process. One of these is Retail Rocket which allows to implement many improvements in marketing and total customization of the website.

What is Retail Rocket

Retail Rocket is a tool that allows you to optimize the entire purchase process of an online store, providing a product recommendation engine, customization improvements, activation of emails and a subscription form.

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Without a doubt this is a tool that helps to improve the marketing of the store; it will help to offer a better experience to the user, which in turn translates as the increase of loyal followers and the consequent increase in sales.

Knowing that product recommendations undoubtedly help to increase sales levels, Retail Rocket relies on this technique to help optimize your website, adjusting it in real time to the interests that each visitor may have.


Retail Rocket’s services are focused on using the product recommendation service, and optimizing the website according to the preferences of each client. This undoubtedly leads to an improved user experience, which in turn increases the number of loyal followers and sales.

Generally speaking, the services offered by Retail Rocket are as follows:

Website customization

Retail Rocket will customize the website according to the results obtained in real time. For example, one of the most important benefits of this solution is that it uses an intelligent system, which is based on real-time analysis, highlighting the most popular products, based on the number of visits, searches, orders, among others.

On the other hand, they also have a system that highlights those products that, based on the user’s preferences, will be shown and will be more likely to be interested in them, as it is a system of personalized recommendations, based on customer searches and their behavior on the web.


Email marketing is very effective if you know how to apply it. For your benefit, with Retail Rocket this function is covered. It is usually based on a system that sends personalized emails to each customer, based once again on their behavior on the website.

Customer Subscription

This system is based on the retention of customers once they leave the website. In general, this system manages to capture approximately 10% of customers who visit the website and get their subscription.


This tool has the particularity that the price per use is calculated individually. In other words, each person or company wishing to purchase Retail Rocket services must pay a personalized price, according to their use.

However, the website has a plan analysis system and you also have the option of contacting sales operators for more information.

By the way, if you want to try Retail Rocket first, you can request a free demo.

Who uses Retail Rocket

Retail Rocket can be implemented in any online store or Internet business, whether it is a small or very large store. The benefits are many and your customizationoptions are simple.

As expected, there are many companies worldwide that trust in the benefits offered by this platform, among which stand out: Vans, MyToys, Otto, Auchan, among many others.


Opinions about a product are important because they help us make a decision about whether or not to purchase it; as we will be observing the experience that other people have had who have already tried the tool.

However, it is important that the experience of others does not determine your decision, as obviously the needs of others are not the same as you may have.

What’s the opinion on Retail Rocket? Most people and companies are very happy with the benefits that this tool provides them, because in addition to having a very intuitive interface and easy to use, the customization options are many and very simple to implement, and in terms of the impact it generates in online commerce, this is quite high.

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