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Client satisfaction is a key point of successful business in a globalized world.  Increasingly, companies need to build an excellent online reputation to get a good presence on Google and take advantage from their competitors.

And how do we achieve that? The answer is simple and effective but not always easy, we have to trust in our customers and let them feel safe when they are looking for a product or service in our website.

There are still many users who think buying online can be often a risky task. And this is where online review systems, such as Revi, play a decisive role giving users confidence and, consequently, increasing conversions.

Although there are many platforms dedicated to collecting and managing online reviews, we want to show you why Revi is one of the best relation quality-price systems.

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What is Revi?

Revi is an online review system for ecommerce. Once the customer makes a purchase, few days later, he receives an email to comment about general items such as shipping and customer service, but also the products individually. In the email, customers can write a review and rating on a stars scale. Automatically, customer’s reviews are published in the shop in order to help other users in their purchase decision.

Showing customer reviews generates confidence and improves sales. It is the best marketing tool. Online reviews are a powerful marketing tool because they bring confidence to future buyers and increase sales.

Revi can be used by any ecommerce created by Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify or Opencart.


The main features of Revi can be summarized as follows:

Product and service reviews

The customer can rate both the product and the service, even from the free version of Revi. Having reviews on the product card increases visibility and conversion. Also, this means constantly updated and original content on the sites, which ranks better in Google.

 Customized Widget

Online store and product reviews are displayed in a customizable box on your website. The widget displays the latest reviews, the overall assessment, the stars and the number of total records.

Rich Snippets

When a customer searches a product in Google offered by your store, Google stars and its reviews will be shown. Google stars will make the products more visible.


Revi is ready to work in every language. It is able to work in many languages as Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, German or Japanese. Besides, no matter how many languages your website has, you can get reviews under the same subscription fee.

Technical support service

Revi’s technical support is another of its great services. On Revi’s internal panel, customers can open a support ticket explaining the problem or what they need. The technical team will answer them as soon as possible.


Revi is a freemium marketing tool. You can find basic features provided free of charge and just pay for more advanced features and more request per month.

In addition, Revi has no registration or permanence fee.

Free 0€/month

This is the starter and most basic plan for online business. It includes 50 requests per month, product reviews, discount coupon, social share and reminders.

Pro 19€/month

This plan includes all benefits of the Free Plan, plus 150 requests/month, Rich Snippets, Offline orders and customer emails, a Facebook tab reviews, Emails and product Blacklist, Google My Business Reviews, and custom widgets.

Premium 34€/month

The Premium fee includes all the functionalities of the Pro package, plus 500 requests/month, Google Shopping reviews, multi-language option, SEO plus, automatic Facebook and Twitter posts, questions & answers, user photos, and premium widgets.

Who uses Revi?

Revi is for those online business who want to generate confidence, attract potential clients and increase sales. It fits perfect especially for small ecommerce that cannot afford to pay a subscription because Revi has a free subscription forever.

It is more used by ecommerce, but it is increasingly requested to evaluate the quality of a services such as dentists, where confidence is key.


This platform is the only one with an undefined free plan, as well as the only one without registration fee or permanence. Revi has the most competent prices on market.

All its plans, also the free version, include options for tools, statistics and technical support that make it easier to manage reviews in an online store.

Nowadays, Revi has more than 2,500 registered companies worldwide that have seen their business grow thanks to the increase of confidence and visibility on Google.

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