Rocketlink is a way to get more out of your social networking actions and more accurately track the scope of the links you share.

The usefulness of this tool is based on the premise that every time a brand shares a link, somehow it loses the traceability of the user who clicks on it, it becomes opaque in that sense.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to keep track of the people who click on that link? Better yet, wouldn’t it be better to get them back to your site? Well, now you can do it more easily. Rocketlink is there to help you. Let’s explore some of the amazing features of this tool.


Rocketlink is mainly known as a URL shortener, but it’s much more than that since it allows you to include retargeting pixels. That is, they identify whoever clicks on the link. So now you can interact with your target audience across different platforms.

  • Rocketlink can put a CTA button on the URL you share so that the audience that clicked your link will come back later.
  • You can target ads to users who clicked on your links. Only certain types of people click on certain types of links.
  • Rocketlink can help you with your customer segmentation. It’s very useful for tracking your users and getting them to sign up to your email lists or sign up for push notifications.
  • You can analyze your audience with easy-to-read statistics. So you can see exactly where they’re coming from and know exactly where they’re going.
  • Power your strategy with influencers to build your reach and your own audience. First, run a campaign. Then, when an influencer shares what you’ve prepared with Rocketlink, you’ll get clicks from the community in their community and then they’ll become part of your audience so you won’t depend on paying the influencer in turn anymore.
  • It’s possible to track followers even offline, just use a QR code printed on any media.

Rocketlink is working on more features. It will be interesting to see how this tool develops in the future.

Prices and free trial

There are three pricing models for Rocketlink and we can examine each model one by one.

Entry level or “take off” package: USD $19.00 / month

You can generate 20 links per month with two pixels of your choice. You will also get four custom CTAs and have access to click analysis.

Standard or ‘space’ program: USD $29.00 / month

You can get 100 links per month with five pixels of your choice, 20 custom CTAs and you will have access to click analysis.

Premium Package or ‘Galaxy’: USD $69.00/ month

Rocketlink’s most ambitious plan, you’ll be able to generate 1000 links per month, 50 pixels of your choice, 100 custom CTAs, and of course, click analysis to fine-tune the strategy.

What does not exist is a free trial. If you want to test the tool you will have to go to the cash desk and drop the 19 dollars a month of the initial plan.

Rocketlink Review

The ability to generate a follow up and extract insights from links is something that has not been researched as much as it could have been. However, has built a smart tool to help you generate leads from the very links they click, guiding them without direct friction to your sign-up offer or product. The results are also very interesting and I’m telling you this because it’s a tool I’ve been using for some time recently and I think it works really well.

In my opinion, the tool is easy to use and the support from the Rocketlink Team is quite efficient. It works particularly well with Chrome and Firefox , although I can’t say if it works worse with another browser such as Safari or Opera.

For many, this is a “must have” tool for digital marketing.


As far as user-friendliness is concerned, there are mixed opinions among its users. I would say, in my personal experience, that Rocketlink requires a certain amount of concentration at first, not exactly the most intuitive thing in the world. Even so, the moment the user gets the hang of it, as I did, good results are assured through, above all, the generation of new audiences.

By the way, apart from the learning curve that can be a bit frustrating, it is remarkable that it is not as optimized as it should be for mobiles, although, according to the tool itself, they are working on it to fine-tune the application as much as possible.

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