Rocketlink is a way to get more out of your social shares.

Who hasn’t shared content at some time or another, be it on your blog or on social media? We share links to great content because we enjoyed reading something and we want to spread the love. That’s great. But we’re sending our readers away from our blog or our social media pages.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a way to keep track of those people who clicked on that link? Better still, wouldn’t it be better to get them back to your page? Now you can. Rocketlink is there to help you out. Let’s explore some of the amazing features of this tool.

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Rocketlink is known mostly as a URL shortener. But, that URL shortener contains retargeting pixels. They identify whoever clicks on the link. So now you can interact with your target audience across different platforms.

  • Rocketlink can put a CTA button in the URL you share so you can get the audience who clicked on your link to return later.
  • You can target ads to users who clicked on your links. Only certain kinds of people click on certain kinds of links, so you’ll know the type of person to whom you’re marketing.
  • Rocketlink can help you with your lead gathering. You can have it track your users and get them to sign up for your emails or push notifications.
  • You can analyze your audience with easy to read statistics. So you can see exactly where your audience is coming from. You can even tell where they’re going.
  • You can use your contact with influencers to build your own audience. First, run a campaign. Then, when an influencer shares that you’ve prepared with Rocketlink, you’ll get clicks from that influencer’s community. You can then target that audience without further help from the influencer.
  • It’s possible to track followers offline using an embedded QR code.

Rocketlink is working on even more features. It will be interesting to see how this tool develops in the future.

Pricing & Free Trial

There are three pricing models for Rocketlink and we can examine each model one by one.

Starter level or ‘liftoff’ package: USD $19.00 / month

You can get 20 links per month with two pixels of your choice. You also get four custom script CTAs and click analytics.

Standard or ‘space’ program: USD $29.00 / month

You can get 100 links per month with five pixels of your choice, 20 custom script CTAs, and click analytics.

Premium or ‘Galaxy’ package: USD $69.00/ month

For that, you get 1000 links per month, 50 pixels of your choice, 100 custom script CTAs, and click analytics.

There’s no mention of a free trial anywhere on the Rocketlink website.

Rocketlink review

The ability to generate leads from links is something that hasn’t been looked into as much as it might have been. However, has built a clever tool to help you generate leads even from links which click away, by gently guiding them back to your site and your sign-up offer. The results are really encouraging too. Having used this tool for some time recently, this is what I have to say about it.


In my humble opinion, the tool is easy to use and the support extended by the Rocketlink Team is of a high standard. It works particularly well with Chrome and Firefox. I know that, although I can’t say if it works less well with another browser. It’s surely a ‘must-have’ tool for Internet marketing. There are Internet users who are very mobile-focused nowadays. That’s why many are waiting for the mobile app, which, according to reports, is in development right now.


Regarding the ease of use, there are some conflicting reports. I would say, according to my personal experience, that it takes a bit of concentration to get your head around Rocketlink at first. It certainly did in my case. But once the user gets the hang of it, as I did, good results are assured. I acquired custom audiences to which I could market my products. What’s not to like?

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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