SalesHandy is a software which is designed for sales communication and data analytics. It’s meant to make sales teams more productive. It can centralize documentation, supervise emails, generate leads and provide useful statistics. Statistics can help sales teams to create better-targeted marketing plans. It’s good and useful for small businesses. It appears to have the capability to help medium-sized businesses too. It also supports larger enterprises.

SalesHandy’s Features

The features of this product include:

Email campaigns

Send personalized emails to different leads. Glean analytics from which you can learn

Email scheduling

Send emails at the time they’re most likely to be opened.

Email templates

Keep frequently sent emails in your compose box for handy reference.

Auto follow-up

This is a new feature. You can automate follow-ups to email campaigns and improve opening rates and sales

Document tracking

Users can quickly share and track their email attachments, plus email tracking for Gmail and Outlook.

Gmail Mail Merge

The user can merge a contacts list with an email template and create a large amount of Gmail Emails at one time. Each email is personalized. The receiver has no idea that he or she has been the target of a mass email marketing campaign. Which is exactly what the user wants.

Pricing & Free Trial

There are different levels of pricing. Depending on your level of subscription, the feature package will match that level.

If the customer pays the annual subscription, they’ll save 20% of the cost of the package they buy. The four pricing plans are as follows:

Free Plan

For Individuals. The user gets unlimited email tracking and desktop notifications. Also included are email scheduling and Gmail or GSuite Integration. You can get up to five email templates. Email support is available. The user doesn’t get to send out campaign emails en masse. One needs a paid subscription for that.

Regular Plan: USD$7.00 / month

The business gets everything that’s free. They also get attachment tracking, custom domain tracking and export email analytics data. The customer can send up to 200 campaign emails per day.

Enterprise plan: USD$40 / month

The enterprise/customer can send 5000 emails per day. Of course, all the features of SalesHandy are available.

The Enterprise plan is the most expensive. It’s USD$40 per month on an annual subscription and the enterprise/customer can send 5000 emails per day. Of course, all the features of SalesHandy are available.

There is a 14 day trial period to the paid subscription. This gives owners of free accounts the chance to try premium.

SalesHandy’s Reviews

This is how SalesHandy was for me and some fellow entrepreneurs, as per my personal experience of the tool and those of colleagues.


As a means of generating leads and converting leads, SalesHandy is astonishingly successful. Because we used it for our last email campaign, we didn’t have to deploy our staff resources on data tracking. One executive I know claims that because her office used SalesHandy, she didn’t have to hire as much staff as she otherwise would have to do. That’s quite a claim to make.

I, along with several fellow entrepreneurs, find the fact that it eliminates the need for a lot of plug-in apps to track our email opening rates. Some say that SalesHandy works too well. My company was so overwhelmed with responses to our last email campaign, they had to consider switching off the auto follow up. I believe others have claimed the same. Going by what I learned from that campaign,

I’ve decided that next time, I’ll send out fewer emails. I and some other entrepreneurs claim that SalesHandy is a cost-effective way of generating genuine leads. Should these claims be true, it means that every business needs this tool.


This tool is not as adaptable to Outlook as it is to GSuite. It seems to be tailor-made for GSuite, but Outlook users don’t have the same praise for this tool. Another complaint I’ve heard from fellow users is that if there’s a high bounce rate initially, campaigns pause and sometimes finish.

Those of us who have more than one campaign going on would like an app showing how many emails are scheduled to send on that day or how many emails are received. As of now, it’s necessary to switch between campaigns manually to check. A colleague recently noticed that there was a situation that if the customer checked and opened a sent email, that counted as having been opened by the customer.

The SalesHandy Team was working on this last heard. It’s been my personal experience that I’ve sometimes found that document upload and tracking flow can be a bit slow.

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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