SalesHandy is software designed for sales communication and data analysis via email.

It is designed to make sales teams more productive because it can centralize documentation, monitor emails, generate sales insights and provide useful statistics. Complete statistics can help sales teams create more targeted marketing plans.

It is especially recommended and useful for small businesses but also helps medium sized ones. It is not that it is not recommended for the big company but it can be a little more fair in terms of its functionalities and options.


Let’s find out what Saleshandy’s main functions are and what features make it more interesting:

E-mail campaigns

It allows the sending of personalized e-mails to different potential clients.

Email Scheduling

It sends emails at the time they are most likely to be opened.

Email templates

Save frequently sent emails in an editor as a reusable template to have them at hand.

Automatic tracking

This is a new feature. You can automate the tracking of email campaigns and improve open rates and sales based on history.

Document Tracking

Users can quickly share and track their email attachments, as well as search directly within Gmail and Outlook emails.

Gmail Integration

The client can generate a contact list with an email template and bulk mail to multiple contacts. Each email is personalized in detail so the recipient has no idea that he or she has been targeted by a mass email marketing campaign (which is exactly what the user wants).

Prices and free trial

There are different price levels. Depending on your subscription level, the feature pack will match that level. As usual, if you pay the annual subscription, you will save 20% of the cost of the package you purchase.

The four price plans are as follows:

Free plan

For individual or personal use . The user gets unlimited email tracking and desktop (push) notifications.

Email scheduling and Gmail or GSuite integration are also included, as well as up to five pre-designed email templates. Technical support is via email (only).

The user cannot make campaigns with mass emailing, a paid subscription is required to access this feature.

Regular plan: USD$7.00 / month

Includes everything in the free plan but also includes attachment tracking, use of custom domains and export of email analysis data.

The client can send up to 200 campaign emails per day.

Business plan: USD$40 / month

The Enterprise plan is the most expensive. It costs $40 per month with an annual subscription and the company/customer can send 5,000 emails per day. Of course, all SalesHandy features are available.

There is a 14-day trial period for the paid subscription. This gives those interested in free accounts the opportunity to try out a premium account before deciding to sign up.

SalesHandy Reviews

This is how SalesHandy was for me and some fellow entrepreneurs, based on my personal experience of the tool and that of my colleagues.


As a means of generating and converting leads, SalesHandy is surprisingly effective, especially for the amount of human resources saved by having automated, real-time campaign reporting.

Another very interesting aspect is that it allows you to avoid using other programs and plugins, everything is available in a single tool so you will be much more agile.


This tool is not as adaptable to Outlook as it is to GSuite and this can be a problem for some companies. It seems to be tailor-made for GSuite, but Outlook users report some integration failures. Another recurrent complaint is that if there is a high bounce rate initially, campaigns are stopped and sometimes even suspended permanently.

When you have more than one campaign running you don’t have an application that shows how many emails are scheduled to be sent that day or how many emails are received. If you want to know, you need to switch between the campaigns manually to check it.

There are also some cases where if the customer checks and reopens an email that has already been sent, the tool will count it as if it was opened by the customer.

The SalesHandy team was working on the latter. In my personal experience, I have sometimes found that the flow of uploading and tracking documents can be a bit slow.

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