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Sendinblue is a platform that offers email marketing solutions and focuses on helping companies improve their relationship with their customers.

But its potential goes beyond the typical email marketing as it is a complete automation platform.

With Sendinblue you will be able to send emails, text messages (SMS), generate automatic responses, clean your subscriber database, design landing pages, review statistics and much more.

In short, its main function is to build stronger and safer relationships between companies and customers through its various tools.

Services offered by Sendinblue

Sendinblue has an extensive list of advantageous services, among which are those that I mention now:

Email marketing

Sendinblue has an email editor with templates that you can customize to the maximum so that your messages bear your distinctive stamp.

Allows massive sending of e-mails (transactional e-mail), e-mail with auto-responses, A/B tests and other types.

Creating the emails to be sent is very easy and I don’t just mean it because of its templates, but because its editor is very simple to use and is based on the practical drag and drop system, which will allow you to place the elements of your email wherever you want them to go.

SMS marketing

With the SMS marketing service, you can communicate more directly with your customers and send them product notifications.

Incorporation to the website

Sendinblue can be installed as a live chat on your website to chat in real time with customers and clear up doubts.


In order to know the success of an email marketing strategy, statistics and reports are necessary.

In this regard, Sendinblue lets you know the number of times your email was opened, the number of users who deleted it, the click rate, and other important details that will help you make decisions about the way you do things and about a possible debugging of your subscriber list.

Subscriber list management

All subscribers are not equal, not all are interested in the same thing, so how do you send them what catches their attention? Easy, segmentation.

With this tool you can organize your database taking into account different criteria, so you can send them the content that is really relevant for each group.


Sendinblue has five plans, of which one is free and the rest are payable.

Shipping: free

The free plan allows you to send the considerable number of 300 emails a day, more than what other free platforms offer. In addition, it gives the possibility to have an unlimited database and make use of your templates to create emails.

Lite: $25/month

with this plan you can send 40,000 emails per month, with no daily sending limit and with all the features of the Send plan. All this for $25 a month.

Basic: $39/month

In addition to what the previous plan offers, the Basic includes 60,000 emails per month, the option to remove the Sendinblue logo and you will have advanced statistics. Its price is $39 a month.

Premium: $66/month

With this package you can send 120,000 emails per month, and added to what you get in the plans already mentioned, here you can create ads on Facebook, have multi-user access and chat service. The price is $66 a month.

Company: request quote

The latest plan is aimed at large companies and marketing professionals. Includes all Premium package features and services, unlimited users, dedicated account executive and unlimited contacts. Its price varies according to the needs of each particular client.

Who uses Sendinblue

This relational marketing solution is primarily aimed at companies seeking to grow their business and improve contact with their customers.

But it is also used by entrepreneurs, online stores, bloggers, marketers or individuals who need to manage email marketing campaigns.


The majority of Sendinblue users are totally satisfied with their free plan, because it has benefits, tools and functionalities quite complete and advanced.

In case you need to change to a more advanced plan, they do not complain either because the prices are very low compared to their benefits.

Positive opinions are also based on the fact that Sendinblue is one of the best tools for sending emails, as it has an automated sequence design tool that allows campaigns to be launched in just one click.

Another advantage highlighted by users of the tool is SMS marketing, a service in which Sendinblue is a pioneer and leaves far behind its competitors.

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