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SendOwl is a British company, based in London since 2010. The SendOwl service enables businesses to sell digital products online. Thanks to Sendowl, an entrepreneur can sell digital goods directly from his or her own website.

You can use SendOwl for digital items such as eBooks, digital magazines, subscriptions, music and video games. You can create a shopfront on your website and start selling.

SendOwl takes care of all the different formalities. You will get paid right at your site. There’s no need to set up an eCommerce store if you want to sell digital products. You have Sendowl.

SendOwl features

SendOwl has some unique features which help you to sell your products easily:

Versatile Checkout

The checkout is optimised for use on desktop, tablet or phones. No matter what device your customers have, they can buy your products easily and without delay.


Your customers are automatically shown the page in their own language, for ease of selling.


You can accept any currency and the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • ApplePay
  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin

SendOwl can make that work for you.

Sell from any platform

Sell from your website, your blog, or your social media page. It’s specially integrated with Shopify

Cart recovery

If someone leaves their card behind, you can send them cart abandonment alerts. You should be able to rescue the order.

Promotions and discounts

Run promotions with discount codes which are trackable. You can find out how the customers use them. You can control the redemption of the codes.

The amount of features available to a SendOwl user depends on their subscription level. If you have the business level subscription, obviously you will have more features available to you than someone on the basic plan.

Pricing & Free Trial

There are four SendOwl pricing models. Here they are:


USD $9 per month. 10 products, limited customisation, 1 GB storage. This is good for someone just starting their business.


USD $15 per month. The customer gets 30 products, PDF Customisation, PDF stamping, affiliates and 3 GB storage. When the business begins to do well you can shift to another level.


USD $24 per month. Everything in standards plus cart abandonments, 100 products and 5 GB storage. This is our most popular level and we have more customers on this subscription than on any other.


USD $39 dollars per month. 250 products, customisation, 15 GB storage and various other extras. As the name suggests, this is a business-level account with a lot of extras added on.

You can have a free 14-day trial on any subscription level. You can decide to try any one of them and you don’t need to show your credit card to get the free trial.

SendOwl reviews

This is my view of my experience with SendOwl after using this service for a while.


It’s a friendly company and the service they offer is useful. Being able to purchase software from the platform in such a handy way is great. Some of my transactions went off really well. Like most services, when things go well, it’s all good.


Unfortunately, a few transactions didn’t work out and that was very disappointing. Some digital products were purchased but I could not download them. I would warn users to be very careful about buying software through SendOwl unless they were buying from an already known seller. I’ve also come across fellow users who were annoyed about being sold counterfeit software on the site.

The customer service turned out to be the most disappointing aspect of all. It seems that the company’s priorities are higher-paying subscribers. If there are two pieces of advice I’d like to give SendOwl, they are the following.

Firstly, get your customer service in order and give all customers equal preference. Secondly, please set up some kind of system so that you can check out the people who sell software through your site. It’s hard having to deal with being cheated by a seller when the site washes its hands of responsibility.

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