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With only three years in the market, SeQura has been gaining an important position among Spanish ecommerce platforms, due to its innovative payment system and the large number of companies and registered vendors.

If you’ve never heard of this platform before, don’t miss this article because here I explain what it is, how it works and what those who have already given it a chance think about it.

What is SeQura

SeQura is a Spanish e-commerce company that allows the purchase of a large quantity of products in a fast, simple and secure way through the Internet.

Thanks to the platform you can buy without having paid anything and without having to enter any bank details at the time of purchase. In addition, it offers a variety of real-time payment options.


SeQura offers many benefits and the convenience that the consumer needs when purchasing any desired product in online stores.

The tools and functionalities that it offers to its users are:

“Buy now, pay later”

Is the service with the largest and most comfortable benefits that can exist. Allows the user to pay for the desired product up to 7 days after shipment. The best thing is that there is no extra cost and no credit card or bank details are required.

Flexible payments

You can pay for your orders in convenient installments from 7 to 12 months, according to what you prefer…and your pocket.


This is a strategy that SeQura uses to improve the user experience of its clients, as it allows them to be in constant contact with others through several channels at the same time.

Payments of all kinds

SeQura adapts to all the needs of the moment and goes hand in hand with the desires and preferences of each one of its clients, that’s why this company offers its users the possibility for whatever they prefer: online, in physical stores and telesales.


The company does not demand an additional cost for its services, so if you buy something on the platform you will only pay the price of the product stipulated by its seller (including VAT).

You will not be required to pay any kind of advance payment and neither will your bank details before receiving the order.

As I mentioned before, SeQura offers many payment methods and the possibility to pay in convenient and affordable installments: short, medium and long term.

Who uses SeQura

The answer is simple: it can be used by anyone, although it is mostly used by physical business owners, who have immediate access to the products at the time of shipment, online stores and resellers.

On the buyers’ side, anyone who wants a particular product can use this ecommerce platform.


Although it is only 3 years old, it has earned the trust and positive opinions of many users.

Your alidade companies, sellers and buyers feel comfortable and pleased by the responsibility that SeQura has demonstrated.

Another positive aspect is the diversity of options and methods to pay for products purchased and the clear advantages it has in this aspect over oyras online stores.

Although SeQura is one of the most influential ecommerce companies in all of Europe, many still distrust it because of its short distance. Others don’t really like the idea of sending their products to unknown customers and are in doubt as to whether they will actually be able to fulfill the payment for the product that was sent to them.

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