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SoloStocks is a trading platform between companies from all over the world, based on the B2B (business to business) philosophy.

Originally, SoloStocks did not focus on buying and selling for companies, but only on direct communication betweenthem without any intermediaries.

Currently this trading platform integrates new ideas and advantages for affiliated companies to use it in a comfortable and simple.

It sells products of different categories, for example, machinery, construction equipment, hairdressing, vehicle parts, materials for industry, textiles, health, hairdressing, telephony, office supplies and many more.

SoloStocks is a Spanish company that has crossed borders and today has an international offer covering 11 countries in America, Europe and Africa: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Poland and Portugal.

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Services offered by SoloStocks

In addition to the facilities offered by the platform and the advantages that users can benefit from, SoloStock offers other special and very advantageous services to make the experience pleasant and beneficial.

Among the services we can highlight a specific one: the translation service that allows you to translate the catalog of products into the language you want, to open up new markets and project your products in other countries in the most convenient and simple way.

We will also find services such as the creation of advertising material, so that you can design and create all the graphic material you need for promotions.

Another very important feature is the export assistant, in this tab you can find help and customer service with regard to advice on how to export and internationalize sales.


SoloStocks offers a more specialized payment and shipping system, based on Escrow, one of the most secure methods available.

In the file of each product you will find the price stipulated by the seller for it, but sometimes this price is not shown so you will have to contact the seller to inform you.

But how much does it cost to use the SoloStocks platform to sell? Sellers can choose between 3 packages for the creation of their pages, in order to expose their products to the public. These are the ones:


Include your page in SoloStocks, a proposal of what you need (valid for one month), catalogue of 500 products and promotion of one of them. The price of this plan is 75€ per month.


Includes the page, 3 proposals of what you need (for one month), catalogue of up to 2000 products and promotion of three promotions of three. Its price is 133,33€ per month.


This plan will also include your page, 10 proposals of what you need for a month, unlimited product catalog, promotion of up to 5 products. All this for 283,33€ per month.

Who uses SoloStocks

This platform is targeted on the sellers’ side to manufacturers, importers and companies, and on the buyers’ side to retailers, resellers and online shops.

Although SoloStocks is usually used by entrepreneurs, there are certain private sellers who use it, although in reality it is not a feasible option for them because their sales volumes are very low.

If you are a private individual and you want to buy, it is important to know that not all registered sellers will want to come some of their products as they focus on wholesale.


The core mission of SoloStocks has been maintained, as it continues to unite sellers and buyers through a fast, useful and convenient platform.

This platform has been maintained at high levels by their excellent work and dedication. For this reason, in 2014 it received the award as the “Best B2B Ecommerce” in Spain, in the Ecommerce Awards.

Most companies and registered vendors are very satisfied with their services and for their remarkable security. It has also been an excellent tool to maximize your sales.

They have also felt very comfortable with the possibility of entering the market both nationally and internationally achieving a significant increase in sales, so they fully recommend it.

But, as nothing can be perfect, some users are not happy with the services of the platform because you manifest that companies do not follow up securely at the time of making the shipment to the buyer, so they end up receiving something they did not buy.

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