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Let’s talk about Statista a portal that ranks at a high level of the most successful statistical databases in the world.

If you don’t know what it’s for, this is a good time for you to get to know it and realize why you need it in your life.

What is Statista

Statista is an online statistical portal that collects data from market studies, economic indicators, official statistics and opinions on a single platform.

This portal is used by thousands of companies, professionals and more than 700 universities around the world. The most influential think tanks use their services to collect and keep their statistical data in order.

Services offered by Statista

Statista shows statistics and results of statistical studies which it presents in graphs and tables.

In its platform, available in four languages: English, Spanish, French and German, you will find these and other services:

Consumer Market Outlook

With this function you will have access to current data and forecasts on the most important consumer goods from more than 200 markets around the world. In order to obtain relevant data, social and economic indicators are taken into account.

Digital Market Outlook

Provides users with current data and forecasts from more than 90 digital economy markets. These data come from an exhaustive analysis of social, economic and technological indicators.

Mobility Market Outlook

Focuses on a specific field: the automotive sector and mobility. It covers fields such as sales, invoicing, pricing and branding.

Business Plan Generator

With this complete Statisa generator you have everything you need to model markets. The tool takes care of virtually the entire generation process, focusing on consumer markets and digital markets.

It uses more than 1.4 million data sets and provides each customer with the data they need in their particular case.

Content and design

Statista is more than displaying data in tables and graphs, pes also provides the user with a research and information design agency. It includes the creation of photographs, presentations, videos and personalized publications, under the corporate design of its clients.


Statista offers its customers statistics ranging from the most basic to the most relevant and important, all at a low price. Provides comfortable plans that fit the user’s pocket.

Individual accounts

Basic account

This plan is aimed at beginners and is perfect for entering the world of statistics. Includes access to basic statistics and downloads. Because it’s the simplest plan, it’s totally free.

Premium Account

Includes access to all statistics, optimized search, download in XLS, PDF and PDG formats, access to reference sources. It costs 49 euros per month.

Corporate account

Special for companies. This package includes all the functionalities of the Premium package, and also gives access to dossiers, forecasts, studies and international databases. Its price is quite high: 566, 67 euros per month.

Accounts for companies

In the case of business accounts there are two main plans:

Premium plan

With a price of 588 euros per year

Corporate plan

Whose annual price is 6800 euros.

Who uses Statista

This statistical platform is mainly aimed at companies, researchers and students.

However, due to its characteristics, Statista can be used in other fields such as advertising, online stores, economic sectors, professionals and marketing.

Statista’s success as one of the best portals in its category is supported by more than 14,000 companies from all over the world that are currently its clients. I mention some of these: PayPal, Samsung, Google, Adobe, P&G…

Opinions about Statista

As the most successful statistical portal in the world, Statista keeps its users happy. More and more companies and individuals from many areas decide to join Statista’s world in order to stay informed and keep their business in order.

Customers are satisfied that they can count on information from thousands of data sources and that this information can be downloaded in different formats for consultation and analysis when there is no Internet connection.

On the other hand, a few Statista users do not feel satisfied with the operation of this platform and express when they have merited it it is very difficult to find a way to end the subscription. Others state that the Premium package is not what the customer expected.

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