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Trusted Shops is a platform that has managed to position itself in the number one position of trust on the Internet throughout Europe. Basically it is a seal that is displayed in an online store and guarantees the reliability of the same and the quality of its products.

How to avoid the risks involved in buying over the Internet, how can a seller transmit security to his customers? How can that same seller prove that his products are quality, how can a buyer be sure that he will not lose his money by buying online, in all cases the answer is in Trusted Shops.

But it’s not just a label, it’s a platform with multiple options for online business. If you stay in this post you will know what Trusted Shops has to offer and how you can take advantage of it.

What is Trusted Shops?

Trusted Shops is a complete platform that gives corporate identity to online stores and Internet businesses.

The best known service of this tool is its seal of quality, which is displayed in stores and gives a guarantee to customers that the site where they are buying is reliable and safe.

Trusted Shops integrates as easily as possible into any store no matter what software is used to create it: Prestashop, OpenCart, Woo Commerce, Magento, epages…

Services offered by Trusted Shops

Trustbadge Technology

Known as the trust center of the online store that implements it. With it you can manage everything related to ratings, ratings and opinions of your customers, and even configure pop-up windows with coupons for discounts and promotions.

Quality seal

This seal certifies the quality of the products and the store in question. In order for a company to be able to obtain this seal and display it on its website, it must first meet a number of broad criteria.

If the shop has the seal, the buyer can be sure that his purchase and his personal data are protected.

Customer Valuation

With this service you can show authentic ratings from real customers. Trusted Shops guarantees that all opinions are given by customers who have truly purchased from the store and have tried the product they recommend.

Why is this important? Because the ratings and opinions of other customers motivate the purchase (or not) in a certain site. So you can be sure that the opinions shown will not be biased but will demonstrate what others really mean about the products you sell or buy.

The ratings are also important because they will help you improve your SEO positioning, increase clicks on Google and confidence in your online store.

Google Integration

You can transfer your customers’ ratings from Trusted Shops to Google Shopping and Ads. This way your products will be seen on Google with the much loved stars.

Refund guarantee: if a store has the quality seal then it offers customers a 30-day refund guarantee. If the customer does not receive the product or returns it for any reason, you will receive up to 2,500 euros per order.


Trusted Shops plans include useful services at a low cost. So they adapt to the pocket of their users. Currently you can choose between 3 different plans:

Start: 79€/month

The most basic plan is for online businesses with a turnover of up to 50,000 euros per year. Includes Trustbadge Technology, the quality seal and store ratings. Its monthly cost is 79 euros.

Pro: 139€/month

In this case the target audience are online stores whose annual turnover is maximum 200,000 euros. In addition to the services offered by the plan Start includes integration with Google to give greater visibility to the store. Its price is 139 euros per month.

Premium: 279€/month

This package includes all the functionalities of the Pro package as well as product ratings. Focused on stores with an annual turnover of up to 750,000 euros. If you hire it you must pay 279 euros per month.

Who uses Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops services are mostly aimed at business owners and online shops.

As I told you before, its main feature is the quality seal that guarantees the security of the buying and selling process, thus generating confidence in customers and contributing to the increase in sales.

Reviews about Trusted Shops

This platform has earned a good reputation among its customers and today many online businesses are working with this service that ensures security and quality.

Companies and individuals who work under the seal of this portal feel satisfied and confident, as well as the guarantee in all areas, this gives them the best of advice for their products. The increase in sales is noticeable in every business, and the ease with which they are given is what keeps your customers happy.

As far as customer service, technical support and advice are concerned, they are very well defined and immediate answers are obtained from a specialised technical team.


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