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Volusion is an e-commerce solution; it works as a kind of all-in-one, that is, you will find practically everything you need to manage your business, in one place.

In this article I describe what this tool does, its plans and opinions.

Volusion is a platform that includes e-commerce tools, which will allow you to manage your store with all the functionalities included in one place.

This platform is one of the most popular in the entire market, especially because it offers users solutions in the cloud, thus offering ease when working, since it allows you to work with your store in just minutes, without installing anything.

Volusion has been in the market for more than 10 years and has known how to maintain itself through the passage of time. This is why it is one of the most widely used e-commerce solutions today.

Volusion’s features

Volusion has many services that will help you create and operate your online store. Therefore, its tools are focused on providing the user with the solution to various requirements.

Among the main functions it has, the following stand out:

Module for the creation of websites

The main function of Volusion is that you will be able to create your website without problems. It has everything you need to operate an online store. It even serves not only for the design of the online shop but also for the entire website.

Payment Methods

An online store that prides itself, should accept several methods of payment and with Volusion you can do it, accepting credit cards, Paypal, among many others.

Possibility of selling on different platforms

With this platform you will be able to make sales through different platforms, such as Facebook, Amazon and Ebay.

This undoubtedly helps your business is not segmented into a single site, offering you great advantages at the level of increased sales.

Inventory Management

It allows you to manage the inventory of your products; something fundamental to have a complete control of all the operations of your store.

Personalization of offers

To be able to increase sales and show customers the outstanding products, the offers of the day, among others, it is necessary to have a platform that works for such purposes, and with Volusion, it is possible.

Technical support and security

One of the most remarkable aspects of Volusion is the security they offer and the technical support. It is always required a platform that has an excellent customer service since we will not know when we will have a problem or requirement.


Volusion does not currently have a free plan. However, if you want to test how this platform works, you can use its free trial for 14 days.

Once this time is up, you will have to acquire some of his plans:


The personal plan costs $29 per month, allows up to 100 products and $50k of online sales per year, has unlimited bandwidth and online support.


This plan allows up to 5,000 products and $100k of sales per year. It also has newsletters, scores and reviews. It costs $79 a month.


The Business plan has a cost of $299 and allows up to $500k of sales per year and an unlimited number of products. Provides reports of abandoned carts, integration with Amazon and Ebay, offers of the day, third party gateways, among many other options.


This plan has all the business functionalities, only the attention and support are totally VIP. In addition, the cost of this plan is personalized, as are the services offered.

Who uses Volusion

This platform is mainly used by small and medium enterprises that want to sell their products online.

But due to its powerful functions, it could also be used by large companies, only that these should acquire the most advanced memberships, since they have the option of more products and higher limit of sales, or in any case, unlimited.

Companies like Firts Uniform, Halo Headbang, Game Bibs, among others, have obtained the benefits of using Volusion.

Reviews about Volusion

Volusion’s opinions are generally positive. Basically users feel comfortable with the variety of options it offers, as it has many features that facilitate the management of the online store.

Among the users’ comments, the efficiency and usefulness of the day’s offer stand out. In addition, the support offered is also often very efficient.

On the other hand, some users, indicate that the system is a little complex to use, so people with little experience will have problems in using it.

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