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Webtrekk is a platform that collects information, analyzes and provides solutions in relation to customers and the market in general. Anyway, it’s one of the many options to improve your online business.

Find out what he can do for you and your business in this review.

What is Webtrekk

Webtrekk is a digital intelligence platform designed for the analysis and collection of customer data, thus achieving the momentum and optimization of the brand, based on the analysis and all information collected from the customer.

This platform allows you to manage the entire audience of your business, which makes it one of the most intelligent customer management applications in the market in general.

The options offered by this platform are many, so that with it you can manage in an optimal and efficient, all the information collected from your customers.

Services offered by Webtrekk

The services offered by Webtrekk, are based on the collection of customer data, for later analysis and use in creating marketing strategies, which in turn, boosts the business, improves clicks, visits and therefore, sales are improved.

However, when speaking in general terms, the services offered by this platform are the following:

  • It has predictive analysis functions to determine how future visitors will behave.
  • Allows the import and export of data.
  • After analysis, it produces reports and statistics.
  • Allows real time analysis.
  • Analyzes customer behavior.
  • It has encrypted content, so it is very secure.
  • Provides various forms of authentication.


Webtrekk’s costs will largely depend on the type of plan you wish to contact. However, they are generally prices that are adapted to the current market standard for tools of this type.

A good news is that this platform, offers a free demo, in which you can for a limited time, make use of the features it offers. This will help you determine if it really is a platform that adapts to the needs you have and if it is worth it or not.

Once you’ve completed the trial period and decide that this platform fits everything you’re looking for, you’ll want to buy it. In this case you can contact the sales department directly to request information about the plans that exist and choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Who uses Webtrekk

Really any company, whether small, medium or large, can make use of this platform, since it is not really very difficult to use, and the functions it has are very useful and adapt to any audience.

Webtrekk is a well known platform worldwide, especially in Europe, where its popularity has remained in constant growth. So much so that it is widely used by companies such as: Nike, Mc Donald’s, Porsche, Expedia, among other high category brands.

There is no doubt that this is a very useful platform, and if you know how to take advantage of all the benefits it has, will provide many advantages to the business, such as increased clicks, better user experience, customer data and therefore increased sales.


The opinions of this platform are very positive. In general, opinions about its predictive analysis stand out; this being one of its most valued characteristics. On the other hand, the interface does not usually have a higher level of complexity, so it is very easy to use.

Among some of the disadvantages that can be found to this platform, is precisely its interface because although it is very easy to use, is not very flexible, so it can present some problems in its use, if you are looking to configure some things.

The many companies that trust Webtrekk and use it as one of their ideal platforms for handling customer data cannot be wrong. The market simply proves it, many large companies use it and benefit from everything it has to offer.

In general, it is a very useful platform, being one of the best of its kind. That is why I highly recommend Webtrekk as a customer analysis platform, very useful for theimplementation of digital marketing.

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