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Zendesk is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) type software (yes, just like Salesforce) that currently has 40,000 global customers and 300 million end users worldwide. In other words, a customer service and relationship management platform that uses the omnichannel model.

Its purpose is to help companies establish a good and solid relationship with their customers in a simple and proactive way, for which it makes available to the business multiple channels that can be used at the same time.

Services offered by Zendesk

Zendesk looks for a way for companies to be in total contact with their clients in order to improve the experience and maintain an excellent relationship on both sides.

To achieve this, it has a long list of services that are based on communication and makes available to the entrepreneur tools and functionalities to improve their performance.

To mention some of his most important services are these:

Zendesk Support

This service includes everything related to customer service, from information to claims management.

Integration with social networks

Zendesk facilitates the integration of all social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Directory of applications

With this service you can find and connect to various interesting applications: time control, chat tools from social networks …

Zendesk Chat

Allows interaction with customers in real time.

Zendesk Explore

This tool collects and analyzes the most relevant data of each of the clients.


Zendesk has options that go from the basic plan with a cost of 5 dollars per month, to the professional plan with a cost of 199 dollars per month.

An important detail is that before buying the product you have a free trial for a month, without the requirement of a credit card. If after that period you want to continue enjoying the program just enter your payment details. If you don’t like Zendesk you won’t lose any investment.

Who uses Zendesk

This platform can be used all over the world, but it is originally aimed at companies that manage customers on a daily basis and that need to improve their relationships with the users of their online businesses.


Zendesk users have let it be known that this platform has been an excellent ally for their companies and businesses since its ease of use and many other advantages have helped them to obtain good results.

In addition, the integration of different communication channels is a tool that makes it easier for them to reach each desired person. Also, the owners of the companies express that since they use this platform they have improved their productivity by 20%.

But there are also negative criticisms, as some users have been disappointed after using the software. One reason they weren’t satisfied is that while report creation is a very efficient service, it’s not very easy for them to use, taking up a lot of time to understand how it works.

Others do not consider this tool to be a good choice because of its uncompetitive prices or because it does not clearly state what each plan offers or how it differs from one another.

Zendesk speaks well of himself and says that he takes into account the opinions and criticisms of his users (after all, he focuses on customer relations) and focuses on offering the best services with a quality seal, so it is quite certain that they are already aware of the complaints and are working on them and on the integration of new tools and functionalities that benefit their users and thus make everyone feel comfortable with the platform.

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