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Shipping killed the ecommstar

You do SEO, SEM and other things that begin with S, you concentrate on providing a great service for your customer, you have a phone, a chat, product videos, discount vouchers … and the customer buys!

The customer pays $6 as shipping fee. You have the package ready. There are gifts for the customer inside the beautiful package. You give the package to the carrier. In 24 hours your client will have at home.
And it comes in 72 hours.

Farewell and see you.

Shipping kills your good work

All of your previous work, that good time and money goes to hell, because the shipping agency has screwed up.
And you and your client paying 6$ for it. I mean, paying it at a price that should not screw up.

This situation is much more common than we think. No matter the size of the carrier supplier. It can be an individual or may be a company.

Once you send the package, everything can go as silk or:
– You can lose the package
– You can break it
– Arrives late
– Late and carrier guy doesn’t make the phone call to check if customer’s home or not
– Steal the package

And a long list of dodgy things that can happen and that will make your customer go away.
Worst than that, will make your customer complain on blogs and social networks, giving you bad reputation when it wasn’t your fault.

That’s why finding a reliable logistics partner is critical to an online store. Yes, critic, like finding a good hosting.

If one can not afford hosting failures because you lose sales, a logistics operator can not afford failures because:
1 – Is representative and responsible for your order to arrive correctly in terms of time and conditions
2 – A screw up will make you lose the customer and, worse, the client will bullshit your internet service on blogs and social networks.

There’s nothing worse than doing your job well and mess up by collateral damage that is not in your hands.

So instead of leaving your package in the hands of anyone, beam tests with several operators even before launching the online store (ALARM: YOU SHOULD READ AND IMPLEMENT THIS LAST ONE!).

Above all, do tests before. Simulate orders by yourself. Simulate shit situations that may lead to problems. Anticipating the trouble while you test is far better than facing it through an angry customer. Ah! And don’t stay with the cheapest. Stay with the one that works.

Jul 202013 0 Responses

But market reports say that…

“Studies and reports say…” stop reading them and pay more attention to what your users do.

Studies say you send the e-mailings on a Tuesday or Thursday morning. So?
Did you ever check your metrics? Do you have a load of users in Tuesday or Thursday morning? Well, check first and never send the e-mailing because a market report says so.

Watch what’s happening under your roof because extrapolating what a report concludes about the market to everyone who’s landing on your site is a huge mistake.

Tools like Google Analytics, ClickTail, CrazyEgg or Kissmetrics can help us to understand (and move towards) what our users behaviour really is. Do not stop paying attention to what the general reports say. If reports say that there’s a rise on purchases coming from mobile devices, pay attention to that, but in your site’s environment. It’s all about your target and users behaviour. If your users age average is 50-60 years, don’t expect them to purchase through their mobiles. Analise your data, check their behaviour and take decisions based on that

Following the studies, reports and trends, many people decided to make viral, a blog or a Facebook app. Before developing any of this projects, make yourself this question: Do I need this for my business? The question to ask yourself before you spend your money and do an action in or out of your website is not “If the studies say, why not?” but “Why do I do this and what purpose have?

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