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Paradigm shift: public investors as your online store audience

Have you ever been in one of those eCommerce who spend the day doing Adwords and remarketing and lowering the prices of their products to the minimum?

And, like me, have you ever wondered: what’s going on with this guys, what do they live out of? Oi, friend, you’re not his target. Neither the man who is supposed to be their customer is. The client is the shareholder / investor.

You what?

In fact, the scheme is very simple. Bottomline is: you don’t care about your revenues or costs, you just want to sell in order to have good numbers to present to your potential investors. Yup: all I want to do is have good numbers to sell the fish to someone to put money. You do not want to have an eCommerce. You want to sell that eCommerce or get money from funding rounds.

And it goes like this

Lower the price to the bottom, spend good money in CPC campaigns, give your clients free shipping, start affiliate programs, give away as much promocodes as you need, etc. The result: an exponential database growth.

Once you have a huge database and a bunch of data in your backoffice’s orders tab, you’re ready to sell. Sell out the numbers to investors and get your money back (if you’re lucky).

In the meanwhile, you have completely fucked up the chain between the manufacturer and the retailer. Why? Because you never cared for sustainability. That’s why you have the lowest price. Fuck up the sector, sell out your website and move on to the next one.

This kind of projects represent a paradigm shift: the customer does not care. The client is a number and is an end that just feeds your statistics that, will be used later to recover the money you’ve invested attracting these customers. Customer service is not the purpose of this eCommerce. The customer is the means.

What do you think? Personally I see it as a shit model (and not sustainable), a sector killer-ruiner.

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Free ebook: 10 Tips to improve your Prestashop’s SEO

After quite a lot of hours, finally I (Jordi Ordóñez, eCommerce Consultant) released my first book which (guess) it’s a free ebook download focused on prestashop seo tips.

10 SEO Tips for Prestashop is a PDF containing 27 pages with the following contents:

  • Defining the keywords of your business
  • Product sheets, categories, description and hierarchy
  • Rich Snippets and Rel Author
  • Schema.org
  • RDA Data to Facebook
  • Responsive design (RWD)
  • The blog
  • Web Performance Optimization (WPO)
  • Dropshipping and copy/pasted descriptions
  • Getting in the ring: htaccess, robots.txt and sitemap.xml

A free ebook intended for…

Wether you are offering seo services, you run an internet marketing company an seo specialist or just an individual interested in search engine optimization or seo optimization, this book is for you.
Each chapter contains both explainations and a series of links with more information and how-to’s to improve both your seo strategy and your online store search engine positioning.

¿New on SEO? Well, first read about it on this Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization and then you’re good to go and start digging about specific ecommerce SEO strategies on the folowing blogs and posts:

And also start using this great SEO tools:

Search engine optimization (SEO) are the process and techniques used to improve the visibility of a website on the organic search engine results of a search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo.
It’s also popularly known as non-paid or un-paid traffic as opposed to the paid traffic, which is referred to CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns.

Prestashop seo tips ebook free download URL

The free ebook is available to download at https://jordiob.com/10-SEO-tricks-for-Prestashop.pdf

In return, I only ask you to drop me a line (on this post’s comments) sharing your opinion about the ebook.

About Jordi Ordóñez

I’m an eCommerce consultant based in Barcelona (Spain) and I provide services such as ecommerce business/technical consultancy, ecommerce SEO improvement, ecommerce conversion rate optimization, communication and brand strategies and e-learning.

Feel free to contact me at jordiob@jordiob.com to request a quote and I’ll give your my best advice on how we can improve your online sales.

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