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Entrevistas ecommerce: Chlöe Thomas, de eCommerce MasterPlan

A Chlöe la descubrí a través de las sugerencias de Feedly hace unos meses y me encantó su podcast: ecommerce MasterPlan que podéis escuchar aquí.

Chlöe es experta en estrategia y marketing orientados a ecommerce y reside en UK, de ahí alguna de las preguntas de más abajo 🙂

¡Al turrón!

Can you give us three key points for ecommerce in 2016?

Those who are the most successful in eCommerce in 2016 will be the ones who:

  • Think customer first in everything they do. So make the website work how the customer needs it to work, remove the barriers that are in the way of the customer, and thinks «what does our customer need?» and then meets that need
  • Invest in your brand. If you want to attract the right customers, then you need a strong brand. And I’m not just talking logo – I mean a consistent brand that is represented in everything you do.
  • Have an adaptable marketing plan. You definately need a marketing plan, but you also need to be flexible enough to change it if the right way to reach your customers changes.

UK consumers spend more money online than any other country, why do you think that only 15% of them are buying online? Is there a huge gap between on and off?

Actually recent research from the Royal Mail suggests that Chinese consumers are now spending more online than UK customers

Despite how much more noise (blogs, emails, articles, conferences etc) that there is about eCommerce it is still a tiny part of the retail industry. Yes, in the UK only 15% of consumer retail spend is spent online. The rest is spend in physical stores.

I believe there are several reasons for this. First eCommerce is a very new thing, a very new way to shop, and whilst it’s growing very fast – many, many consumers just aren’t that comfortable with it yet – it’s part of the lifecycle of this new technology. And some of this is generational and so we just have to wait!

Secondly, shopping offline is just more fun, more convenient, and easier for many people – and in eCommerce we have not yet done a great job of ticking the boxes online that offline shopping ticks. There are several levels to this, one is trust. Trust is much more important online than offline, in the offline world the consumer gets to physically handle the product before purchase; they get to leave with it in their hand; setting up a physcial store is expensive and they are buying from a human. That all automatically lowers/removes any questions the consumer has about whether or not to trust the retailer.
Online it’s totally different – in order to purchase the consumer HAS to trust the retailer to do a lot of what they do for themselves offline – the customer doesn’t get to touch before purchase, the customer is not in charge of delivery, there is no human or expensive store for the consumer to judge the business on. So as eCommerce retailers we have to build more trust than offline, AND we have to find different ways to do it. This is the same in several other areas of the retail experience – and we can’t just copy the high street to achieve it.

I have a whole blog about this here

What are you favourite ecommerce niches and how do you expect them to grow by next year?

In 2016 I think some of the most exciting spaces in eCommerce are going to be those getting REALLY niche with their Product Range Scale (so selling just one thing – eg pocket notebooks, or miso soup); and the subscription business model. If I was starting an eCommerce business in 2016 – that’s where I’d focus, because you can move so much faster. Which makes it easier to grow, as well as the proposition itself being highly appealing to the online consumer.