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In any online store is necessary to have tools that facilitate the purchase process, and among the many options of this type, in this post I’m talking about Addonpayments.

This is a tool created by a group of developers who thought of one of the most important needs of an online store or business: payment.

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What is Addonpayments

Addonpayments is a tool that provides many benefits to those who own an online store, offering a payment process fully customizable and adaptable to the needs of each business.

With Addonpayments the possibilities of increasing sales are many, since it is possible to manage payments through mobile apps and browsers, which gives users a greater amount of possibilities, thus improving their experience, because of course, the tool automatically adjusts to the device used by your client.

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The services provided by Addonpayments are based on offering a payment solution fully adaptable to the customer’s options. This, therefore, translates into increased sales as more payment options are being offered to the customer.

Today the majority of the population uses mobile devices, and even more, most of them use them to surf the Internet. Therefore, this tool seeks to adapt to payment methods through apps and mobile browser.

However, when talking about the main benefits that Addonpayments offers, the following stand out:

Payment via mobile browser

Paying through mobile devices is becoming more common today. That is why companies must adapt their systems and platforms to do so.

One of the benefits offered by Addonpayments, highlights the payment service through the mobile browser, in a fully optimized way.

Payment through apps

Maintaining the possibility of payments through apps is an option that undoubtedly improves the user experience, and we all know that a better user experience usually translates into increased sales, and benefits for the brand.

Therefore, this tool offers the possibility of making payments through apps, improving conversion rates.

Automatic adaptation to customers’ devices

Something that is indispensable is the adaptation to the client’s device; and with Addonpayments it is possible to achieve a better experience by adapting to the device used by the client, which has the purpose of improving sales.

Security at all times

One aspect that is of great concern to people is the issue of security. However, Addonpayments is compliant with PCI.DSS v3.1, which ensures, among other things, the security and confidentiality of customer information.


The costs of Addonpayments are not very high when compared to other tools that offer the same.

In general, its services cost 19 euros per month and it also offers free configuration services. However, for a more complete and personalized service, it is possible to contact the sales operators and request a quote.

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Who uses Addonpayments

Addonpayments is an online payment tool that can be used by any company. Whether it’s small online stores with low sales volumes, or large companies that are constantly selling products.

The benefits are the same for any type of company, so you can choose to acquire this tool if you want, and thus take advantage of the benefits it can bring you.


Opinions about Addonpayments are generally very positive. Basically, they emphasize how easy and intuitive this tool and its customization is.

On the other hand, the benefits it brings and the improvement in the user experience are also central themes of the opinions regarding this tool; and there are many companies that have benefited from these solutions.

Of course, it is importantto note that other people’s experiences should not be a faithful copy of what will happen to you. However, it does help to make a decision and see how others have reacted after using this tool, knowing that each experience is something totally individual and that each company has different needs.

Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to try this tool, and on your own, determine whether or not it suits what you’re looking for for your online business, and whether you also managed to get all the benefits you were hoping for in terms of improving the user experience, and optimizing the payment process.

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