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Blueknow is a tool that offers optimization services for online stores, with the main focus on increasing sales.

This company of Spanish origin is currently one of the most used as far as ecommerce optimization is concerned, and it offers many benefits that achieve increased sales in one way or another.

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Basically the most popular technique of this tool is the recovery of abandoned shopping carts, which has led thousands of companies to sell more monthly.

Their main objective, as I mentioned, is to increase sales. To do this, tools are used that seek to retain the customer and make the purchase concrete.

Blueknow features

The services offered by Blueknow are based on the optimization of online shops. Among them, the following stand out:


With this service it is possible to recover the sales that the clients initiated, but that for some reason did not manage to culminate. This technique has proven to be very effective in increasing sales.


While it is true that not all visitors are buyers, they can be induced to be so, as long as there is some tool that helps in it. BlueBox offers this possibility, because through emerging messages, they offer options to visitors, which in some cases tend to become instant buyers.


BlueRec is one of Blueknow’s services that help to detect the preferences of each user, based on an exhaustive analysis of each client and their movements on the website. This tool works by proposing products that you might like, both on the website and via email.


With this tool all the data obtained is converted into stored data that will be processed and used on future occasions. It should be noted that they can be the object of analysis, which allows reports and maintain greater control of the website and its visitors.


Blueknow’s costs will depend on what type of plan and service you wish to contract. However, for the convenience of the user, they have personalized attention, either through contact by phone or email, where you can request information, recommendations and a quote.

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Who uses Blueknow

This tool is very useful because the benefits it brings to improve and optimize online commerce are many, in addition to helping to increase sales.

It can be used in small companies with low levels of sales and even in large companies with high levels of sales. In fact, worldwide they have large and important clients such as: Viking, Office Depot, Media Markt, Vodafone, among many other companies.

Therefore, if you wish to acquire the services of this platform, you can do so. All you have to do is communicate with the sales operators, consult with them and buy the service you need the most.


The opinions regarding Blueknow are mostly very positive, as they highlight the benefits obtained thanks to this tool. In fact, a well-known case is The Outlet, where thanks to the implementation of Blueknow tools sales were increased by 20%.

Basically the opinions indicate that the interface is very intuitive, so its use and customization is very simple.

Attention has also been a subject of great opinion and value, since they indicate that when some type of problem or doubt arises, clients have been able to be attended efficiently in their consultations.

For that reason, I recommend you this tool, since besides having an easy to use interface and having professionals who will be attentive to your requirements, it simply has very useful functions that will undoubtedly increase your sales, optimize your website and make all those sales that you thought lost, can be recovered by 40%, or more.

This will create a real connection between customers and your brand, and they will most likely become loyal customers.

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