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Buying online is often a risky task, because although there are thousands of reliable and secure online stores, there are also many scams circulating.

In order to diminish the risks in the online purchases they have been created in the world diverse seals that guarantee that the site that is being visited is legitimate and that there is no danger of concreting a purchase, one of those seals is Spanish and is called Confianza Online.

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What is Confianza Online

Confianza Online is a Spanish association, created by the groups Autocontrol and Adigital, whose purpose is to generate confidence in users when buying on the Internet or browsing a website.

How do you build that trust? Through the Online Trust Seal, a logo that is displayed on the websites of companies that are part of the association, comply with its Code of Ethics and are committed to promoting good practices on the Internet.

But is a website that displays the logo really safe? Yes, it is, because El Sello has the approval of several public administrations for self-regulation codes on the Internet and for a website or company to receive it, it must have undergone a rigorous evaluation process.

Therefore, not every online business can even aspire to display the “Trust Online” Seal.

Services offered by Confianza Online

Confianza Online gives the possibility to e-businesses and web sites, to show a quality certificate that transmits to its users the tranquility of being surfing in a safe place.

The Seal is authorized by the National Consumer Institute and is considered a public trust mark online.

In order to obtain this seal, every website must go through a 4-step adhesion process:

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Direct debiting of monthly payments to a bank account
  3. Evaluation of the website taking into account the 30 points of the Code of Ethics
  4. Delivery of the seal (only if the evaluation is passed)

Apart from the seal, which is its main service, Confianza Online allows you to advertise by email for free. But you can only send them to authorized addresses, as you are not allowed to use chat, forums or similar sites for promotions.

Finally, the company’s technical support service is another of its great services and is characterized by giving precise and immediate answers to any doubt that users may wish to clarify or to any complaint they may have to make.

On the website of the association you will find a form that can be filled with user data, specify the problem, send it and immediately you will receive a response.


Confianza Online’s prices will vary according to the income generated in the companies and includes a limited number of managed claims.

Below I show you the details of the annual fee (plus VAT) that must be paid according to each company:

  • Companies revenue less than €600,000: €325
  • Companies revenue between €600,001 and €1,000,000: €400
  • Companies revenue between €1,000,001 and €3,000,000: €650
  • Companies revenue between €3,000,001 and €6,000,000: €950
  • Companies revenue between 6,000,001 € and 10,000,000 €: €1,500
  • Companies revenue between €10,000,001 and €25,000,000: €3,500
  • Companies revenue more than €25,000,001: €4,500

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Who uses Confianza Online

This service can be used by companies and online stores looking for verification, quality and security to generate trust in their customers.

The seal can be requested by all companies that have an online store website.

It is currently very popular on pages of online games, direct marketing, product sales and sites of any type of electronic transaction of buying and selling.


Confianza Online is considered the first private entity in Spain to be accredited by the Directorate General of Consumer Affairs for the alternative resolution of e-commerce disputes.

In addition to the fact that their seal gives them the confidence that the customer needs, the owners of the websites and online stores express that they have increased their sales and have seen their business grow, which now has a better reputation for the buyer.

Confianza Online’s technical support and customer service have become increasingly efficient, letting users know that they can count on services whenever they need them.

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