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How many social media management tools do you know, including Crowdfire? I’m sure it is, and it’s one of the best known platforms in its category.

Basically what this and similar tools do is help manage social networks and keep them constantly updated. But I’ll explain this to you later, so keep reading.

What is Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a platform for managing social networks. It is a good option to have control of all the networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others.

It allows a better management of the networks and therefore of the content of them, the followers and the people to whom it reaches.

Best of all, Crowdfire is a good option for managing social networks, scheduling posts, and in general, keeping them constantly updated; which in turn is an improvement for your business, since it will increase the number of followers and potential customers.


The services offered by Crowdfire are based on the management of social networks and their content. Most of the options available on this platform are designed to maintain better control over our networks, marketing and our activity.

Basically, among the services offered, the following stand out

  • Allows publications to be scheduled for later days or dates.
  • The publications are totally automated.
  • Content healing: Articles, images, blog content, videos and even products from online stores.
  • It allows the management of social networks and content in general, to be carried out in an efficient way.
  • It offers the possibility of managing several accounts.
  • You have the possibility to obtain important data through a report; in which you can perform interesting analyses.


Crowdfire is a platform that adapts to all the needs and possibilities of each client.

For those who want to start with nothing, a free plan has been designed but of course quite limited. Apart from this one, there are paid plans with interesting features.

In general, the plans offered by Crowdfire are the following:


As the name implies, this subscription does not require any payment. However, its features are more limited, allowing 1 social network profile and 10 scheduled posts per account.


The Plus subscription, costs $7.48 per month, and among its features, it allows 2 profiles and 100 scheduled publications for each account you have.


This subscription costs $37.48 per month, allows the association of 5 social profiles and 100 scheduled publications in each account.


The VIP plan costs $74.98 each month and allows 50 network profiles and up to 800 scheduled publications to be enrolled in each account.

Who uses Crowdfire

Today Crowdfire is used by anyone who wants to maintain full control of their social media actions.

This includes companies, marketing agencies, community managers, bloggers, influencers and anyone who constantly uses social networks.

Its audience is wide because it has basic functions that allow the control of social networks and the facilitation of small marketing strategies, at very competitive prices in the market. Although it also has some more important functions, without being very complicated to use.

Crowdfire review

Overall, Crowdfire is a useful platform for its main function which is content management and social networking.

The positive comments about this platform indicate that it is a very easy, simple and intuitive platform. In addition, that its main function is fully met, since it allows the publication and programming of the same on the same platform.

On the other hand, they indicate that it is very easy to monitor each social network and followers, so the manipulation and control of the community is usually done in a very simple way.

However, like any application, there are cases where there are some aspects that fail, that can be improved, or that simply do not fit the needs of a sector.

In this case, the negative opinions that Crowdfire has received are based on the fact that sometimes the quality of the images is reduced when they are uploaded to a social network, especially Facebook.

In addition, another aspect to highlight is that the platform could be improved at the level of functions, as it has some very basic ones.

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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