Who doesn’t like the stars displayed in online stores to rate a product? Well, I think everyone, and I say that because many people let themselves be led by them to decide whether or not to buy a product.

Regardless of whether these valuations are impartial or not, or whether they interfere with purchasing decisions; in fact, there are several platforms dedicated to collecting and managing these ratings. Among my favorites is Trustivity, but there are others such as eKomi, one of the most important companies and reocnocidas in its category, and she speaks to you in this post.

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What is eKomi

eKomi is a platform that collects, analyzes, manages and shares the opinions and comments of real customers about a product or service purchased in an online store.

In order to do this, the platform works with SaaS Social Commerce, an innovative and easy-to-implement software that collects reviews.

After this, the comment management team verifies all the opinions to verify that they are real, to finally publish them on the web and index them in the most important search engines.

SaaS Social Commerce seamlessly integrates into different platforms, whether standard or custom, eCommerce, eMarketing and CRM.

I mention some of those platforms with which eKomi works very well: Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Woo Commerce, Volusion, WebSphere, Miva, Shopware, DreamCommerce, 3dcart, Bigcommerce, Delegator, and others.

Features by eKomi

Ekomi is a social commerce solution that offers its users the possibility to improve their reputation on the Internet and make their products more visible.

With this platform, comments from existing customers are used to attract potential customers, increase sales, reduce returns, and drive traffic to the business website.

Basically, the workings of eKomi can be summarized as follows:


When a customer buys the product or comes to use the service you contracted, is validating an authentic purchase.

Request for valuation

eKomi’s technical team will send the client a request for valuation.

Valuation generated

The customer leaves his valuation and opinion regarding the company or the product he bought.

Rating management

The team collects, manages and publishes the opinions and ratings made by users, i.e. it organises the opinions and publishes them in a structured way.

Feedback can also be integrated into the website or online store, thanks to its customizable widgets that integrate with Rich Snippets.

If you wish you can also show the ratings directly on the page of each product, and in this way will increase the conversion rate and SEO positioning.


If you are going to use eKomi you should know that prices start at 39 euros per month.

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Who uses eKomi

These types of tools are focused on online stores of any size and branch, and even for small sellers who want to improve visibility and generate more confidence in their products and services.


This platform is the only one with fully assisted rating services, so users can focus on what really matters, which is growing the business.

eKomi has more than 14,000 registered companies worldwide, which give very positive testimonials about it, and say that thanks to the tool they have managed to increase online traffic and conversion rates.

For the most part, the users of this platform express that they have been able to see results in a short time, resulting in an increase in the flow of sales.

In addition, the excellent professionalism and efficiency in all the processes of relation have achieved that their clients leave very good opinions and have an excellent valuation on her.

The truth is that from time to time eKomi has improved, for example, before only showed very good opinions, almost unbelievable in the pages of their customers. But now it tries to offer more realistic opinions, without hiding the negatives.

In fact, all opinions are now published as they are issued and until the person who issued it does not edit or delete it, they will remain there even if they do not speak very well of the product.

But this does not mean that absolutely everything is actually published, as there is a team that monitors the comments to prevent the publication of those with content that is or may give the impression of being discriminatory, racist, illegal, or that include names of other brands.

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