You know Freshdesk? I can tell you that this is a powerful assistance software that is widely used today due to its advantages.

But before we talk about the tool, let’s put ourselves in context to better understand how it works and how it is used.

As you well know, in e-commerce it is important to maintain a channel of communication between customers and the business, to know their needs, problems, suggestions and even increase our sales.

For this there are various software that offer services that allow communications with customers through email, social networks, chats, among others. And this is where Freshdesk comes into the picture.

What is Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a customer service software that allows you to attend through chats, email, various social networks, among others.

In short, it acts as a support service that, as your website says, has everything you need to redefine the customer support department of any business.

Features by Freshdesk

The services offered by Freshdesk are based on what has already been mentioned: communication with customers. However, their services are quite extensive. Here are a few:

Recording of conversations

Freshdesk allows you to organize and assign tickets to serve each user who communicates with the support department. But this system includes functions like these:

  • Manage and track tickets from multiple camales in a single inbox
  • Deadline management for replying to tickets
  • Detection of agents working at the same time on the resolution of the same ticket.
  • Creation of custom statuses for tickets
  • Automation of repetitive tasks related to ticket management
  • Creating Auto Responses

Team Problem Solving

Freshdesk offers the valuable possibility of working in teams to solve customer problems in a faster, more organized and efficient way.

Within this service are these functions:

  • Establish contact with employees of departments within the company to solve a ticket or a portion of it.
  • Ability to share tickets with other teams and always be aware of their progress.
  • Link related tickets
  • Management of primary and secondary tickets.

Inter-Channel Support

The options for customer service are varied: e-mail, telephone, Twitter chat, Facebook and web page.

However, for a better management of the care can be unified and managed from a single platform.

Increased productivity

Freshdesk allows to automate a large number of functions so that the work team works better. Automation options include:

  • Intelligent ticketing and allocation
  • Time- or event-driven automation
  • Automatic email notifications

Other services

In order not to make this article too long, I mention you other of his outstanding services without going too deep into them:

  • Automatic suggestion of solutions
  • Forum Moderation
  • Linking the topic of a forum to a ticket
  • Reports from various metrics
  • Complete customization
  • Advanced security options: SSL certificates, identity and access management, and more.


Freshdesk has a free version (Sprout), which although not very complete, is a good option for those who want to try and see what possibilities it offers.

However, for those users who wish to enjoy the full range of their services, there are several plans:


It costs $19 each month per agent. It has important functions that improve its use; for example, it prevents several agents from responding to the same ticket.


This option costs $35 per agent each month. It offers features such as time tracking, spreadsheets, customer satisfaction surveys, among others.


It has a monthly cost of $65 for each agent, allows personalized surveys, advanced methods in the selection of tickets, among many other functions.


This option is the most advanced of all and has a cost of $125 per month for each agent. It offers, among many other options, white lists for IP and competency-based allocation.

Who uses Freshdesk

Freshdesk’s services are now available to a large number of companies. Approximately 150,000 companies use it, including large companies such as HP, Bridgestone, DHL, among others.

However, it is not necessary to have a large company to use Freshdesk’s services, as small and medium sized companies can benefit from everything offered by this software.


Opinions about Freshdesk vary widely, depending on the needs of each company.

Overall, the feedback is positive, indicating that this is an efficient program to achieve ticket management and customer service.

Also, most users emphasize that the main features of the program are very useful and work as indicated.

However, there are some negative comments indicating that the support provided is not very good.

They also point out that some features offered by the program take a long time to become available, and many of them are not very useful.

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