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Payoneer is one of the currently favored electronic payment methods mainly for its security, versatility and unusually low commissions.

To give you an idea of this platform and decide whether or not to use it, I bring you this article where I explain what it is and what it is for.

What is Payoneer

Payoneer is an electronic payments and financial services company that enables millions of businesses and individuals around the world to receive and send payments globally.

This company facilitates cross-border B2B payments within 200 countries and in more than 160 local currencies by converting between currencies when making bank transfers from one country to another.

Receiving and sending money with Payoneer is very easy. Once you enter the platform you will become familiar with all its options and it will be easy to make any transaction.

Services offered by Payoneer

In addition to working as a virtual wallet, Payoneer offers its users many tools to send and receive international payments in a comfortable and simple way.

The main advantage of this platform is the conversion of foreign currency to your local currency or vice versa, no matter what country you live in.

Although this company specializes in the management and financing of electronic money, it also facilitates the option of obtaining a prepaid MasterCard credit card, with which you can withdraw money at authorized ATMs in many countries around the world and make payments at points of sale.

Among other advantages we find that it has the lowest rates compared to other electronic purse platforms.

Payoneer is characterized by being useful and agile, so payments are faster. In a matter of seconds you can have your money safely and reliably.

Also, another positive point is that there is no limit to receiving or sending money, so you can make your transactions and pay for products and services without any setbacks.


To register in Payoneer is totally free, and very easy. Just fill out the form with your real data, wait 3 working days to verify that everything is in order and ready, and you will have your account. By the way, when you sign up from an affiliate link you automatically earn $25.

Although registration is free, when you make a transaction a commission is usually charged but this is considerably low.

Specifically, there is a commission for transactions carried out electronically and another for those carried out with a credit card.

For example, for each electronic transaction the commission is 1% on the amount of the same one, while when using the MasterCard the commission is 1.5€.

However, the latter fee varies depending on the country where the transaction is made.

On the other hand, for maintenance of the card, 25€ per year will be deducted from your account.

There are also certain fees charged by banks at the time of transfer, but these charges are totally beyond Payoneer’s control or responsibility.

This implies that the user may receive less money than the amount requested in the withdrawal, so it is advisable to verify which are the charges of your local bank or in which you need to make your collections.

Who uses Payoneer

In theory everyone can create an account at Payoneer, apply for your card and make transactions sending or receiving money.

But it is especially used by companies, market owners, service providers, SME’s and online sellers.

Without leaving aside the growing public that uses it to collect money generated from their work as freelance or over the Internet.


Payoneer has excellent opinions and positive references all over the world, and is providing its services to the most influential companies in the world, such as Google, Amazon and Airbnb.

The users who make life on this platform are really convinced that Payoneer is the best in its category, because it is fast, simple, economical and flexible.

One of the advantages that your customers tend to enjoy the most is the number of options to send and receive your money. Without forgetting the security and confidentiality provided by the platform.

A very small number of those who have tried Payoneer were not completely satisfied with the services provided, as some had problems with the blocking of their accounts and others showed delays in the delivery of outstanding payments.

Also, there are those who mention that the annual charge for maintenance of the credit card is very high.

Despite that, Payoneer is by far one of the best platforms to send, receive money and make purchases over the Internet at the moment.

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