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Today one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase sales in any type of online store, is visual commerce, and is that today the social, visual, and everything related to the digital often sell a lot.

And it really is not for less, since we are precisely in the digital era, so many platforms, applications and software, seek to adapt and offer solutions focused on this era. One of these cases is Photoslurp, a platform purely dedicated to visual commerce.

What is Photoslurp?

Photoslurp is a very useful platform for optimizing online commerce through the approach to visual commerce. Basically it is dedicated to the collection of photographs of customers who use certain products in social networks.

Visual commerce is what it currently sells; people largely prefer to look at photographs rather than read eternal paragraphs when they want to make a purchase.

In general, the optimization of your online commerce site with this program, brings many benefits, especially those based on increased sales, something that is certainly very useful.


The services offered by Photoslurp are mainly based on optimizing your website based on digital and visual content. However, among the most outstanding services, the following can be mentioned:

  • Campaign management.
  • Allows categorization and grouping, according to areas or types.
  • Allows you to track conversions.
  • Facilitates the total management of social networks.
  • You can manage the videos.
  • In general you will be able to manage all the digital aspects of the brand.
  • Tag photos.
  • Request media rights.
  • Analysis and collection of data from the most influential people.


Subscription to this platform obviously has a cost; however, this is usually in accordance with the common market rates for this type of products in general.

It also offers a free trial, which allows you to review all the features of the platform before making the payment as such, and see if you want to buy it or not for the management of your website.

Once you have made use of the free trial, and you decide to acquire this application, you will have to communicate with the operators, who will advise you on the different plans they have, and will recommend the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Who uses Photoslurp

This platform is designed to be used by any type of person or company, whether large, medium or small.

Basically the services offered in this platform provide an advantage to those who use it. As I already mentioned, any type of company can take advantage of the advantages it provides; so it is really worth investing in.

Companies dedicated to online commerce should consider using this platform to manage their content more efficiently, and at the same time optimize all their digital processes, achieving increased sales. Something that, without a doubt, translates into a great benefit.


There are many opinions about Photoslurp. But most users consider it a very useful platform, as it allows the management of visual and digital media, achieving a better user experience, better control and in turn an increase in sales.

Most people and companies, conclude that the interface is usually very easy and simple to use, so making the configuration and adjustments that are needed, does not represent a major problem.

On the other hand, the majority of users state that the solutions offered by this platform are many and that they are very useful.

On the other hand, the negative comments are not many, and in reality they are based on improvements that could be made; for example, that the analysis panel could be a little more advanced, since although it includes the fair and required information, it can be broader.

In addition, another disadvantage they often comment on is that Photoslurp usually adds a logo to the photos on the brand page. Although this is a detail that can be resolved by paying a fee set aside for it.

In general, Photoslurp is a recommendedproduct, as the benefits it offers to online trading platforms are very high, so it is worth investing in.

So if you want to try this platform, take advantage of one of the advantages it offers, which is the free trial, and decide if it suits what you’re looking for.

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