Paypal Working Capital

PayPal Working Capital is a business loan option offered by PayPal that provides fast funds to businesses based on their PayPal account history. It allows businesses to apply for loans ranging from $1,000 to $150,000 (and up to $250,000 for repeat borrowers) without the need for a credit check. The loan amount is determined by the sales history of the business on their PayPal account.

So, if you have your Amazon account payments linked to your PayPal account, this might be interesting for ya! The lender behind the loans is WebBank

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Welcome to PayPal Working Capital


Payment flexibility

With PayPal Working Capital, businesses can choose a percentage of their sales to automatically deduct as loan payments, making cash flow management easier.

No surprise fees

There are no periodic interest or hidden fees associated with PayPal Working Capital. Businesses only pay a competitively priced fixed fee.

No credit check

Since the loan is based on the PayPal account history, there is no credit check required and no impact on the credit score of the business.

Quick funding

The application process for PayPal Working Capital is short and easy and approved loans are funded in minutes.

paypal working capital

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The pricing for PayPal Working Capital includes a fixed fee that is paid over the life of the loan. There are no hidden fees or late fees associated with the loan.

paypal working capital cost


If you are a Paypal user, like me, you can apply for the PayPal Working Capital loan in minutes. Unlike other FBA loans, you don't need to integrate your Amazon Seller account, as Paypal already has data on your cash flow.

According to the PayPal Working Capital Growth Study in September 2021:

  • 99% of borrowers gave a positive or very positive rating to the response time for approval
  • 60% of borrowers reported that their business grew after receiving the loan
  • 83% of borrowers who experienced growth attributed their growth to the loan

So, with those numbers, you should, at least, check it out!

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