Junglescout vs Helium 10: which one is better?

As an Amazon consultant I often get asked the question: Junglescout vs Helium 10, which one is better for my Amazon Seller business?

Well, the answer is: it depends on what set of tools you need. Both Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are great softwares and have tons of features that will help you in your daily basis, but, here's my take after using them for ages.

While most of their features are mostly the same, Jungle Scout is more focused on the previous part of becoming an Amazon Seller and Helium 10 has more tools for the post-product-launch part.

Junglescout vs Helium 10 data accuracy

Well, we know that there's no tool with 100% accurate data on Amazon keyword and sales volume. That said, if performed my own research using my own and my client's products and this is the result:

Actual sales

Helium 10 estimate

Jungle Scout

Product 1 – High demand


785 (98 % accuracy)

773 (97 % accuracy)

Product 2 – Mid demand


248 (97 % accuracy)

235 (92 % accuracy)

Product 3 – Low demand


40 (90 % accuracy)

42 (95 % accuracy)

So, I'd say both are pretty accurate, though Helium 10's performs better on much ASINs, at least for me.

Junglescout vs Helium 10 comparison

Helium 10

Jungle Scout

Product research

Product Database size



Keyword research

Keyword duplicator

Keyword tracking

Keyword trends


13 marketplaces: USA, CA, MX, DE, ES, FR, IT, UK, IN, JP, AU, NL, AE

10 marketplaces:


IP alerts

Amazon reimbursement

ASIN Alerts & monitor

Listing builder

Listing optimizer

Listing importer from Amazon

Chrome Extension

Review exporter

Stock tracking

Inventory manager

Financial services

Sales dashboard

AB testing

Keyword index checker

Reverse ASIN tool

Email automation

Mobile app

Seller assistant to get reviews

Market & niche tracker

Landing page builder

Super URLs Builder

Works for Walmart

QR code generator

Insert cards generator

Amazon Anomaly Tracker

Category trends

Supplier database

Product launcher


Pro Training

Advertising campaign builder

Advertising campaign optimization


Agency plans

So, basically, if you are looking for the best tool to scout great products, launch them and then use it on your daily basis, there's nothing on the market you could use. But, if you want a more complete tool to help you in all the process, definitely Helium 10 is far better.

Both tools have features that the other one doesn't have, so let me show you the break down between them:

Features on Helium 10 that Jungle Scout Doesn’t have

Refund Genie

A reimbursement manager to help you find broken or lost products, unfair client reimbursements… very useful if you have a large FBA inventory and have scaled sales.

PPC manager

This is a must if you are managing advertising campaigns on Amazon. You can create and manager your campaigns or leave them in auto-pilot using Helium 10's own bidding algorithms.

Review and Feedback manager

Really useful if you are dealing with lots of orders. Asking for client's feedback manually becomes an impossible task, so you can automatise it using this feature.

Inventory protector

Prevent out of stock on your products by setting a maximum quantity of products buyable per client.

helium 10 profits dashboard

Indexation checker

Check if your products are indexed for certain keywords on the Amazon search.

Create external landing pages

One of the best way to increase your sales on Amazon is driving external traffic from social networks, social ads or search engine marketing ads. Helium 10 has a landing page + discount/offer easy creator to help you with this.

Mobile app

An app for Android and iPhone to check your sales data and get real time alerts if you run out of stock, your listings are hijacked, you lose the Buy Box…

Features on Jungle Scout that Helium 10 Doesn’t have

As I previously said, Jungle Scout is a much better tool if you want to find and launch a product, so here are the exclusive Jungle Scout features:

Find a supplier

A complete supplier directory to help you find a manufacturer or distributor for your products. Most of them are from China, of course.

Product Launch

Jungle Scout was a hoge company buying other tools like Forecastly (now integrated as Sales Stats) or Jumpsend, which is now integrated as a product launch feature into Jungle Scout.

This feature will let you create a discount or promo code (this is mandatory) and launch it to a potential client's marketplace. There are more than 100.000 registered users from all over the world (mostly USA and UK) on the Jumpsend platform waiting for your products to be promoted and this is an amazing advantage for a product launch.

Junglescout vs Helium 10 pricing

Both tools have a normal price (nothing overpriced if you ask me) but, of course, Helium 10 is offering more features for nearly the same money

Helium 10

Jungle Scout

Lowest plan

USD39 / month

USD49 / month

Mid plan

USD99 / month

USD69 / month

Top plan

USD249 / month

USD129 / month

Both tools have discounts to buy them:

Helium 10 discount



Use coupon AMZTOOLS20 to get a 20% OFF 6 MONTHS ($120 VALUE)

Valid for Platinum and Diamond plans.

More Less

Never expires


10% off lifetime


Use coupon AMZTOOLS10 to get a lifetime 10% discount.

Valid for A La Carte, Platinum, Diamond and Elite plans.

More Less

Never expires


Jungle Scout discount

Up to 30% discount


Never expires



Junglescout vs Helium 10 trial version

Helium 10 has a 30 day free trial plus a forever free version. You can use 10 tools for free.

Jungle Scout hasn't got a free version, but they have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Ease of use

After been a heavy user of both tools, I can say that both of them are 100% user friendly. The only huge difference I find is that Helium 10 has an app to check your seller data.


To be honest, both are great tools, but I always had the feeling that Jungle Scout is copying Helium 10's features to become an all-in-one tool while Helium 10 was born with that exact purpose. Jungle Scout was born to be a product / research tool and has evolved to an all-in-one tool.

The pricing, accuracy and ease of use are not decisive factors, at least for me. But I use Helium 10 because it has more features to help me on a daily basis.

If I need to launch a product, I can buy a Jungle Scout license for a month or launch it using Viral Launch, Facebook / Instagram ads, a coupon site… so that's not a big deal for me.

As for the supplier database, while it's really useful to have it integrated on the same product / keyword research tool, it's not something it would make me decide for Jungle Scout as I can use Alibaba, Sellermotor, DH Gate, Made in China and thousands of tools for that.

So, I definitely will stick to Helium 10.

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