Best AMAZON Chrome Extensions

As an Amazon seller, you need all the help you can get over your competitors ‚Äď and Google Chrome is your secret weapon.

Amazon Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers may help you outperform your rivals while providing an in-browser experience that enhances efficiency.

With so many options to select from, we're going to have a look into the top Amazon Chrome extensions that every Amazon seller should have.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

To me, this is the best extension and, probably, the only one you will need to fulfill every single step of the selling on Amazon game. And it works for Walmart as well.

Helium 10 is the one-stop shop for all things Amazon. If you're searching for a Chrome add-on that does it all, Helium 10 is what you need. Check it at the Google Chrome store.

This Amazon seller Chrome extension helps you discover the greatest keywords for your Amazon items and allows you to quickly extract ASIN information. It also shows how your competitors are fulfilling orders and how much stock they have, and allows you to filter and look into your competition reviews.

Last but not least, it also gives you all the info you need to carry out comprehensive product research.

Helium 10's extension has several features:

  • X Ray: a feature that analyses a product, a category or a keyword search pulling data such as Sales, Revenue, Review average, pricing, fulfillment type…
  • Demand Analyzer: analyses if the product has demand on the marketplace
  • Alibaba's Supplier Finder: find suppliers for a certain product directly on the extension
  • Sales estimator: estimate how many sales and revenue has a particular product or keyword
  • Profit calculator: a complete Amazon FBA calculator
  • Review Insights: check the reviews on a product, filter and download them
  • ASIN Grabber: download all the ASIN numbers for a search or category
  • Inventory levels: check the inventory levels of a certain product

helium 10 chrome extension review insights

CamelCamelCamel chrome extension

Another must if you are tracking competitor's prices on Amazon. The Camelizer or Camelcamelcamel‘s chrome extension will track, for free, every ASIN on Amazon accross the worldwide marketplaces. You can check it at the Google Chrome store

Besides that, you can configure automatic real time email alerts once there is a variation on the price.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Another all-in-one Chrome Extension that keeps on helping Amazon Sellers. The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension will show data for products directly while browsing Amazon:

  • Best Seller Rank
  • Historical sales
  • Price changes
  • Opportunity Score for the product and the niche
  • Listing quality score

It also includes more features:

  • Free Amazon FBA calculator
  • ROI calculator
  • Keyword volume and competition checker
  • Keyword cloud (related keywords)
  • Filters and CSV downloads

Keepa chrome extension

Another Chrome extension that is an absolutely must, especially of you are an Amazon Seller or you are into Retail / Online arbitrage.

Keepa is one of the most used price tracking tools, includes data such as:

  • Price History charts for 2 billion Amazon products
  • Price Drop alerts
  • Availability Alerts
  • Compare international Amazon prices
  • Track international Amazon prices
  • Daily Deals
  • Recent price drops
  • Wishlist Importer
  • Works on Amazon USA, UK, DE, JP, FR, CA, IT, ES, IN and MX

Keepa used to be free but it's now $25 a month which is NOTHING compared to the value you get. Here's the extension.


One of the best Chrome Extensions for Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage. Just check the insane amount of data you can check:

  • automated deal analysis
  • automated buy decisions
  • roi & profit checker
  • bsr checker
  • private label checker
  • hazmat checker
  • eligibility checker
  • suggested purchase quantity
  • amazon fees breakdown
  • buy sheet automation
  • VAT calculator
  • custom criteria
  • estimated sales
  • keepa graph information
  • profit margin auto-calculator
  • sales estimator
  • buy bot pro score ‘reasons'
  • competition analysis
  • variation feature
  • full data analysis charts

I know what you're thinking! “Wow, this is amazing for a free app!”. No, this one is not free. But it's great anyway. Here's the link to the extension.

buybotpro chrome extension

AMZScout Chrome Extension

One of the most complete Chrome Extensions, as it shows tons of data and it's pretty accurate.

AMZScout‘s in-browser extension makes product research much easier and more enjoyable. Simply introduce your product concept and AMZScout will work out the numbers for an overall score, profit forecast, demand forecast, and competition analysis.

Once there, you can use the extension to gain access to more sophisticated product and competitor information, such as seller rankings, stock levels, projected sales, and FBA expenses (making it possible to compare the costs of FBA vs. an SFP fulfillment provider). A fantastic end-to-end tool for locating niche opportunities with high profit potential.

Aka Amazon Product Finder, shows data directly on the Extension while browsing Amazon:

  • Niche scoring and opportunity
  • Product scoring and opportunity
  • Supplier finder
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword exporter
  • Product Sales
  • Est. Monthly Revenue
  • Lowest Seller Price
  • Amazon FBA calculator
  • Listing analysis
  • Best Seller Rank analyzer
  • Number of reviews and it's average
  • And more

SellerApp chrome extension

Another complete extension giving tons of data and free features.

SellerApp‘s Chrome extension allows you to optimize your Amazon sales to the fullest with its insights while on the go. You may use this Chrome extension to do live research on future opportunities while browsing the marketplace. Here's the info at the Chrome store.

Stand-outs include pricing and listing quantity warnings, FBA fee estimates, keyword tracking, buy box statistics, and listing quality scores ‚Äď everything you'll need to get your product up and running successfully.

  • Product Overview
  • Sales potential
  • Best Seller Rank
  • Keywords tracker (for your ASINs or competitors)
  • Keyword profitability
  • Listing quality checker
  • Pricing alerts
  • Listing alerts
  • Ratings and review alerts
  • Free FBA fee calculator
  • Buy Box analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword profitability
  • Trend and historical data
  • Product sourcing directly from Amazon to Alibaba

Viral Launch chrome extension

Viral Launch‘s extension has been outdated for quite a while but it's still useful. Check it here.

Shows market analysis and insights such as:

  • Monthly Revenue
  • Price Fluctuations
  • Review Rates
  • Historical Sales Trends
  • Page 1 Rank Suggestions


Scanpower is a simple app, yet useful, to check the hidden information on a product. Here's the extension.


  • Product weight
  • BSR
  • Category
  • ASIN
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price
  • Price tracking (Keepa's data)
  • Size Tier
  • Number of offers on the listing

Oaxray chrome extension

Oaxray —Ė—ē an Amazon Chrome br–ĺw—ēer extension¬† for Online Arbitrage, one of the most useful I've got to say. It's for free but you need to sign-up for a paid plan on the tool's site. Here's the extension.

Include A LOT of info:

  • Online Arbitrage Sourcing: profitable products or not, ROI, sales rank, net payout…
  • Clearance Sourcing: checks clearance sections on 21 marketplaces and ecommerce sites
  • Find items with no sellers on Amazon
  • Merchant Fulfilled items that are an opportunity
  • Find Amazon to Amazon Flips
  • Retail Arbitrage products that can be bought online or in the brick and mortar
  • Alerts on sites like Slickdeals to find profitable items or bargains
  • Dropshiping Opportunities
  • Price matching tracker
  • Find products not yet sold on Amazon
  • And almost 20 more features!


oaxray chrome extension

Revseller chrome extension

An easy app for arbitrage, yet Revseller it's only working in the US and Canada. Check the extension here.


  • On-Page, Real-Time Calculator including buying price, selling price and every fee you can find on Amazon
  • ROI calculator
  • Profit calculator
  • Number of FBA and MFN Sellers on a listing

AMZPecty chrome extension

Another paid extension. AMZPecty includes some data you can find on free extensions. Check the extension here.

  • Obtaining the estimated total quantity of sales for a product
  • Shows the available quantity of all offers
  • Show the total Price + Shipping
  • Shows the minimum, maximum and average price
  • Displays the universal product code
  • Show customer feedback and rating
  • Displays the seller's rating
  • Download data (CSV / Excel)
  • Calculate FBA profit
  • Instant Product Notes
  • Inspect inventory levels of store products

DS Amazon Quick View chrome extension

DS Amazon Quick View extension is free and extremely easy to use. It lets you access a product's pricing history, BSR, ASIN, search ranking, and the number of FBA sellers just by hovering your cursor over the listing.

You may also upgrade to the extended version to get more in-depth information on goods across Amazon's domains, including pricing history, Prime sellers, Amazon items or the lowest FBA price.

DS Amazon Quick View extension is an easy free chrome extension that works for Amazon USA and shows info on the ASIN:

  • Sellers information
  • Full product details

AMZ Seller Browser chrome extension

AMZ Seller Browser is another simple and free extension to help you find profitable products. Shows info on products:

  • BSR
  • Rank history from camelcamelcamel
  • Price history from camelcamelcamel
  • Other products from this brand
  • Shows if Amazon is already sell this products in Amazon Retail
  • Shows how many FBA sellers sell this product
  • Only works for Amazon US and UK

AMZBase chrome extension

AMZ Base is a Chrome extension that allows you to compare Amazon-based listing research to data from other marketplaces in a matter of seconds. Users may make the most of this fantastic extension to quickly check Amazon listings information against competing sites, such as eBay. ASIN number display, product sourcing details, and an FBA calculator are all other key features of AMZ Base.

  • Get the ASIN number for a product
  • Get the title description of the listing
  • Find historical prices
  • Source the products using Alibaba
  • Check the listing information on other retailing websites
  • Free FBA calculator
  • Keyword research

AmazeOwl ‚Äď FBA research

This tool allows you to perform strong product research for your FBA business without ever leaving Amazon.

How? To get you started, simply scroll through any Amazon keyword, category, or niche to put together a list of potential goods in the corner of your screen. You'll be surprised at how extremely easy to use AmazeOWL is: one-click functionality, easy to understand color coding and hover information.

If you want to get further info, just click on “Market Analysis” to put together a table that displays data that matches your product criteria. AmazeOwl works with 11 Amazon markets in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Price: free


Here are some of the most important Chrome Extensions you can find on Amazon, both paid and free. Did you found the list useful? Let us know if your Chrome Extension is not on the list so we can add it!

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