RevSeller has become the favorite Chrome extension for online arbitrage. This tool helps Amazon FBA / FBM sellers make better and more informed decisions when it comes to sourcing and buying products to resell on Amazon.

RevSeller is typically used for online arbitrage, but it can also work for retail arbitrage or as a wholesale sourcing tool.

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With the RevSeller chrome extension, you can quickly view profitability calculations and other product information, as well as helpful product variation data that allows you to determine which variations of a product are selling the best. The goal of RevSeller is to help you determine whether or not a product will be profitable without doing a lot of manual calculations or use an external FBA calculator app.

Being able to see the sales rank, category and profitability at the top of each product page drastically reduces research time and allows you to make quick and smart purchasing decisions.

The Variations Viewer allows you to see the prices, offers and important data of variations in products such as shoes and clothes. In stock, sold out, price gaps and much more.

Of course, for the extension to work, you must first create an account on and complete the MWS configuration.

The extension only works in the Amazon USA and Amazon Canada. I hope they're working on the European version fo the extension!

RevSeller Features

RevSeller's extension has some intereseting features to evaluate competitors, ROI and profit:

On-Page, Real-Time Calculator

Access to a FBA/FBA profits calculator in real time, directly on every ASIN so you can check:

  • Net profit
  • ROI
  • Net margin estimates
  • Current Sales Rank
  • 90 Day Average Stats
  • Current pricing
  • Product's ASIN & UPC
  • Dimensions and Weight so you can calculate packaging costs and FBA warehousing costs

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You can customize your preferences whenever you want

Gating and IP prevention

The extension will let you know if a product is brand gated and you need previous approval and will help you prevent IP violations

Quick links to suppliers

Quick links to the suppliers to purchase the products.
It also includes links to the product on Amazon, Google & Ebay.


Check the number of sellers and vendors selling the same product, wether they're using FBA or MFN.


RevSeller is currently integrated with Keepa and CamelCamelCamel to get data such as historical BSR, Buy Box, categories and subcategories, pricing changes…

Product Variation Viewer Button

One of the best features on the tool. Check wether a product variation is popular / has demand with a single click, so you never source an unsuccessful ASIN.

RevSeller Pricing Plans or Costs

RevSeller currently offers two pricing plans:

  • Try out the full extension free for 30 days. No credit card required for $0
  • Annual subscription including product updates and support. Cancel any time. For $99.99/year.

You'll need and Amazon US or Canada Seller account so you can finish tool's configuration.

RevSeller Integrations

As discussed, RevSeller is currently integrated only with the and marketplaces.

Keepa and CamelCamelCamel integrations are available as well.

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RevSeller Detailed Review

In our experience, RevSeller is a powerful and useful tool for Amazon FBA resellers and wholesalers, a must when it comes to Online and Retail arbitrage.

The Product Calculator Estimates and product variation data features are particularly useful, as they allow you to quickly and easily determine the profitability of potential products without having to do a lot of manual calculations. The chrome extension is also easy to install and use, making it a convenient tool to have at your fingertips while you're sourcing products.

One potential downside of RevSeller is that it is only available for use on the and marketplaces. This may be limiting for sellers who operate on other marketplaces or in multiple countries. Additionally, the pricing for RevSeller is on the higher side compared to some other similar tools on the market.

The fact that you can integrate your CamelCamelCamel and Keepa accounts makes RevSeller data even more solid and that's definitely a win.


  • All the info you need for OA and RA in just one extension
  • The variation checker is something you can't find in other tools
  • Integration with CamelCamelCamel and Keepa
  • Quick links to suppliers is a 100% useful feature, so you don't need to check any supplier database


  • Currently only available for use on and For me, as an European reseller, that's a huge NO 馃檨
  • Pricing is higher than other similar tools such as BuyBotPro, Actorio, Turbo Piranha or Keepa.

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How to Sell on Amazon - Using the Revseller Chrome extension

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