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If you are into book retail arbitrage, you need to know Zen Arbitrage, the only tool for online book arbitraging.
This tool requires no previously experience selling on Amazon.

Zen Arbitrage is 100% web based, so no apps and no downloads are needed. You will just need an Amazon FBA Seller Account to get started.

How it works? Easy.

  1. Use the tool to search for books on Amazon
  2. Calculate your FBA price for the book: taxes and fees included
  3. Calculate if your listing price for the book is competitive
  4. Buy the books online and ship them to your home, office, prep&pack company or directly to your FBA warehouse
  5. List your book for sale and start getting orders

Zen Arbitrage is an original idea by Peter Valley which has been selling on Amazon since 2.007 and has written lost of books and courses for Amazon Sellers such as FBAMastery, Feedback Autopilot, Book sourcing science, Trade in arbitrage or Textbook annihilation.

Zen Arbitrage features

This is a complete tool starting from 79$ a month featuring 15 subtools made for FBA book sellers and by FBA book sellers:

21 million books database

tto search for the best products to arbitrage where you can search for condition (new/used), price, sales rank, Amazon’s price, category, title, publisher… Oh, and a 300.000 textbook database (yes, they are the only ones offering it).

Price drop alert feature

An automatic message will be sent every time a book you are selling or following drops it’s price

3 ways to arbitrage

Zen Arbitrage offers 3 ways of profiting from your arbitraging: searching, selling leads and buying leads.
If you are up to buy or selling leads, they also offer an exclusive lead liquidation to sell the books you scouted.

There is also ann exclusive arbitrage books marketplace for Zen Arbitrage customers.

Book demand measurement tool

Find the demand of any product available on their database

Built in profit calculator

To find how much money you can win on every product.
Includes every tax and FBA fee available on every Amazon marketplace.

Analytics tools

To compare prices on different sites

Find every feature on it’s page: https://www.zenarbitrage.co/features


Zen Arbitrage has an only monthly fee: 79 $which includes all the features available


You can try it for free for 5 days. No credit card required.

Zen Arbitrage review

Zen arbitrage if the best swiss-army-knife to buy and sell books online, wether you want to sell them or just scout book opportunities and sell those leads to other retailers.

If your business is selling books on retail arbitrage, stop searching around, there’s nothing in the market like this tool. Period.

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