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Sourcemogul is a type of sourcing software or search engine. Amazon sellers use it to find products to resell on Amazon. It helps them to make the most of price differences between markets.

Sourcemogul has been a long time in the making. It has been beta-tested and checked many times. You can be sure the product is the best that it can be. Using Sourcemogul can save Amazon sellers a lot of time and trouble.

The alternative is to spend hours trawling websites.  While the results may be similar in the end, it saves time.  Sourcemogul has many features to simplify searches and make the best use of them.

The client can use the time saved by using Sourcemogul. working on other aspects of their business. That sounds like a pretty good deal for most Amazon sellers. Time is the most precious commodity when you have a business to run. Time and money, of course.

Check the pricing of Sourcemogul. The exchange of money for some free time could turn out to be a pretty good deal in the long run. So it’s no harm to check out this resource.

Sourcemogul Fеаturеѕ

Let’s explore the features of this tool and see what it has to offer in its total.

Artificial intelligence powering your sourcing

It uses AI to set a seller up for Amazon Arbitrage. It enables users to make decisions about what to buy for Amazon reselling. It uses features which will tell you a product’s sales rank and trended pricing.

Best product database and price guaranteed

The tool can help users find the best goods to sell on the Amazon marketplace. Users can find thousands of products with this tool, either by store or by category.

Amazon fee calculator per product

It has an Amazon Fees Calculator for each product so users can check their return on investment (ROI).

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There are 2 pricing tiers:

Monthly plan $67/month including ($30 off for 3 months):

  • Supplier Search
  • Amazon Category Search
  • Wishlist Functionality
  • Stock Check
  • Automated Brand Restrictions Checker

Yearly plan $880/month including ($284 off the first year):

  • Supplier Search
  • Amazon Category Search
  • Wishlist Functionality
  • Stock Check
  • Automated Brand Restrictions Checker


Users find that this tool is amazing. There’s a good reason for this.  The user doesn’t need to have too much prior knowledge to find out the required information. Which is whether a product is a good bet to resell on Amazon or not. The Sourcemogul tool gives a lot of information. That means that making a judgement is actually quite easy.

Clients have noticed the  Sourcemogul team are a great support to the users. They reply to queries within a reasonable amount of time. Not only that, but the team members always ask the users for feedback.  They want to find out what they can do to make the tool more appealing and useful. This might be the reason why the tool has improved so much in recent times.

The Sourcemogul tool is becoming indispensable. It’s needed by any Amazon seller wishing to get involved in Amazon Arbitrage. There are other Amazon Arbitrage tools.  But this one seems to run better. It also supplies much more information.  The time-saving aspect of the tool is also appreciated by clients. The fact that the user can search for products by two channels, is much appreciated. It’s very useful to be able to search through both the Amazon categories and the retailers.

There’s another great aspect of Sourcemogul. It’s that a user only needs to have been using the tool for a very short time to notice benefits. The benefits of using it become clear almost immediately.  They start noticing that they have extra time and have earned hundreds of extra dollars. No wonder Sourcemogul has become such a favourite.

The Amazon resellers who have been using it are noticing more than that. They’re seeing huge improvements in their businesses. In fact, it’s impossible to see or hear a negative comment about Sourcemogul anywhere. The one negative feedback I noticed was a user stating that he had noticed a few mismatches. The same user conceded that other Amazon Arbitrage sourcing software faces similar issues.  Users agree that Sourcemogul has a high matching rate.  especially in comparison with similar tools.

There’s much goodwill for this tool, with its growing reputation and near-flawless performance. Anyone who does Amazon Arbitrage should invest in it. Many users signed up for the ten-day free trial.  They were so impressed within a few days, they decided to subscribe to the product.

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