Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical arbitrage is a powerful online arbitrage tool for Amazon and eBay Sellers.

If you're an Amazon FBA seller, you know how important it is to find profitable products to sell. However, manual product sourcing can be time-consuming and daunting. This is where Tactical Arbitrage comes in. With more than 1,000 sources to scan products and lots of subtools focused on profitability, it's really easy to find your next reselling best seller.

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What is Tactical Arbitrage?

Long story short: Tactical Arbitrage is an Amazon product research software that helps Amazon sellers find profitable products to sell. The software uses advanced algorithms to scan over 1000 online stores and search for profitable products. Tactical Arbitrage provides online arbitrage, wholesale, and Amazon / eBay flips sourcing modules to help sellers find profitable products.

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As usual, let's break down every feature on Tactical Arbitrage:

Sourcing sites

More tha 1,000 online stores across different countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Italy, and India. Not just that, you can also add your own sites to the scanning portal so the list of sourceable products keeps on growing.

Reverse search

Looks like a Reverse ASIN, but for AMZ categories. The reverse search feature allows Sellers to scan Amazon categories to find other sites that have the same products in stock. This feature helps you to find profitable products that other sellers may have missed.

Wholesale sourcing

When you're done with reselling (and, believe me, if you scalate your business, you will) your next-level-module is called wholesale sourcing. Scan wholesaler manifests, seller storefronts, brand scans and ASIN lists without pricing. TA also offers an add-on for scanning log-in wholesale websites.

Library search for book flipping

The library search feature allows book flippers to scan over 800 library databases to find books that you can resell on Amazon or eBay. First and second hand, of course. Filter the results by author, publisher, publication date & more.

Always Be Scanning

The ABS feature automates the product sourcing process.聽 Kind of a cron task, set up scans to run automatically and receive notifications when profitable products are found. Yes, I know, sounds too good but, believe me, it works 馃榾

Competitor stock analysis

Competitor stock analysis helps you determine the stock levels of your competitors to make informed buying decisions. Match this info with the Keepa graph and you'll be unstoppable.

Estimated sales

TA provides estimated sales metrics for each product, including average sales rank and estimated sales to determine the potential profitability of a product.

Inventory history and sale alerts

Tactical Arbitrage comes with an inventory history and sale alerts feature that helps you to keep track of your inventory levels and receive notifications when a product goes out of stock or when a sale is made.


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All pricing plans include: free access to the friendly community, unlimited support via email or chat, unlimited access to new features and updates, access to Tactical Arbitrage video tutorials, always be scanning automatic deal searching, and 40K scan minutes/month.

If you exceed 40K scan minutes, you will be charged $20 per 10K minutes between 40K and 100K minutes and $15 per 10K minutes for above 100K minutes.

Here are the pricing plans:

Flip Pack – $600 per year or $50 per month

It includes product search, reverse search, wholesale, Amazon flips, library search, and view inventory features.

Wholesale – $660 per year or $55 per month

It includes all the features of the Flip Pack and wholesale sourcing tools.

Online Arbitrage pack – $840 per year or $70 per month

It includes all the features of the Flip Pack and online arbitrage sourcing tools.

Online Arbitrage + Wholesale – $1020 per year or $85 per month

It includes all the features of the Flip Pack, online arbitrage, and wholesale sourcing tools.

Full Suite – $1140 per year or $95 per month

It includes all the features of the Flip Pack, online arbitrage, wholesale, and Amazon flips sourcing tools.

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Tactical Arbitrage integrates with various online marketplaces and tools to help you find profitable products to sell on Amazon:

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Tactical Arbitrage is a powerful product sourcing tool that automates the process of finding profitable products to sell on Amazon. It's key features include:

  • Product Sourcing: modules for online arbitrage, wholesale, Amazon flips and library search in more than 1,000 source sites
  • Advanced Algorithms: algorithms to calculate Amazon fees, source discounts, cashbacks, and shipping costs to ensure that your profit and ROI are accurate.
  • Reverse Search: scan Amazon categories to find other sites that have what you need in stock now and with profitable margins.
  • Competitor Analysis: Tactical Arbitrage provides you with estimated sales metrics, competitor stock levels, dozens of filters, average periods of rank and price, product variation analysis, image recognition, and saved product folders you can re-scan or download.

You know what? with the amount of data you'll find on the tool it's easy to feel a “paralysis by analysis” but TA is really UX oriented and it's interface it's easy to use and straight forward so I think you should give it a go.聽I don't know if you need more reasons to try the tool but there's also a 7-day trial period, so, as I already said, I'd def check it out if you're into Amazon reselling.

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