SKU Grid

Sku Grid is a software for price tracking and inventory management that is responsible for monitoring the changes of your supplier and adjusts its listings in the main markets accordingly. All unused credits will continue to circulate from one month to the next.

You can always use what you have paid. Sku Grid will continue running even if you do not have an active recurring subscription, as long as you have credits available in your account balance to use. You will even have one-time payment options if you prefer.

Sku Grid works with different markets, also, you get access to Sku Fetch & Wise Lister, which can list your items on multiple marketplaces at no additional cost to you.

The app offers 4 levels of pricing:

  • Simplified
  • Advanced
  • Advanced Priority
  • Guru. Simplified

Advanced & Advanced Priority

Are not credit based. They are based on the number of items monitored.


Has less features and customization options and your suppliers are checked every 3 hrs for price and stock changes.


Has full features but items are checked every 3 hrs as well.

Advanced Priority

Is the same as Advanced, but with your supplier being checked every hour for price and stock changes.


Is based on credit packs. It offers full customization and you can change the frequency of how often your items are checked.

Each plan gives you ability to access Lister so that you can list your items to your favorite selling marketplace. You can simply deactivate Sku Grid’s ability to modify its prices and then you can continue to manage your stock. There is a video about this on the YouTube channel.

sku grid screenshot

SKU Grid Features

  • Marketplace Lister & Automated Price & Stock Monitoring
  • Several Ways to Import Your Items
  • Split Range & Formulas Per Store
  • Frequent Email Notifications
  • Get Credit For Shopify Store
  • Free WooCommerce Store
  • Compete for Clients with Buy Box Owner
  • No Ebay API
  • Easy Searching, Filtering & Reporting
  • Multiple Suppliers Per Item
  • Over 600+ Suppliers Supported
  • 24/7 Support


It has 8 pricing plans:


For those just getting started by $14.99 monthly monitor and update up to 200 items.


For those working hard to build a good foundation  for their bussines by $29.99 monthly monitor and update up to 800 items.


For those with established bussineses and looking to scale up.

Upper intermediate

For those who are already scalling up but want to do more by $89.99 monthly monitor and update up to 3000 items.


For even more experienced userssizeable profits each month by $119.99 monthly monitor and update up to 4000 items.


For high volume sellers who likely have VA’s listing for them also by $209.99 monthly monitor and update up to 10000 items.


Working 24 hours for day by $390 monthly monitor and update up to 20000 items.


The sky is the limit by $699.99 monthly monitor unlimited items.


It has no trial

SKU Grid Review

Sku Grid can monitor your supplier for changes up to every hour and automatically adjust your items per your exact specifications. Wise, Lister& Sku Fetch are Included – List unlimited items from multiple suppliers and track effortlessly with Sku Grid.

It’s easy to get your items into Sku Grid for tracking. You can choose to import directly from the marketplace, add items individually, or import via CSV file.

With Sku Grid, you can create split range formulas for your items. Now you can have different margins for different price ranges of items. If you want a 30% margin for items up to $50 in price and another for items over$50, we’ve got you covered.

Receive email notifications anywhere from every hour to not at all. It’s up to you. Email notifications will include your supplier price and stock changes & much more.

Video Review

Introduction and Welcome to the Sku Grid Youtube Channel Trailer

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning Curve
  • User friendly

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