StreetPricer is a repricing tool for Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Amazon Business sellers, yet the Amazon Business tool is still under development. It offers features such as AI and user interface, multi-fulfillment logic, profit optimizer, velocity repricing and buy box analyzer.

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StreetPricer wins BuyBoxes and raises sales faster than any other Amazon repricer, guaranteed.

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This are the features for the Amazon, eBay and Walmart repricer:

  • Dashboard view for a quick overview of your business performance

streetpricer dashboard

  • Self-learning algorithm that optimizes settings over time
  • Analytics and visual representation of competition through charts and graphs
  • Inventory view and one-click update
  • Bulk edit tools for making changes in bulk
  • Online and CSV reports
  • Browser extension
  • Automatic cross-referencing of SKU#, product ID, ASIN and more.
  • Profit optimizer to ensure every order is profitable
  • Inventory focus to regulate inventory and cashflow
  • Rule-based repricing for complete flexibility in pricing strategy

streetpricer settings

  • Price match options to match, undercut or hover above the lowest price
  • Competitor or velocity-based repricing to adjust prices based on competition or sales velocity
  • Dynamic prime time pricing for higher sales conversion
  • 聽Ability to pick competitors based on name lists or feedback ratings and also blacklist them
  • Options to exclude listings with low quantity or specific item conditions
  • Price differentials by countries and handling times
  • 2-pass repricing approach for control and accuracy
  • Multi-variations support for eBay
  • International Calculated Shipping for accurate repricing across international eBay sites


StreetPricer integrates with Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other tools, check'em out:

  • Listing Mirror
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Neto
  • Shopify
  • SKU Grid
  • SKUVault
  • Store Automator
  • Suredone
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Streetpricer pricing plans are a headache, believe me. There are way too many plans. 12 different plans!

And, adding more complexity to the pricing, there are addons:

  • Amazon: BuyBox Win/Loss 30/90D View
  • Amazon: Additional Events Per Minute
  • eBay AutoPrice 3x daily
  • eBay: Radar scans
  • Additional Stores
  • Integrations: Platform Connector for ecommerce platforms

So, you have a Standard plan for $49 a month but, considering you want to include some of the addons, it will turn into $239 per month. Not good, mate.

streetpricer pricing plans

So, here are the main plans, from 2,000 to 1,000,000 SKUs

  1. Standard plan – $49/month
  2. Standard+ plan – $99/month
  3. Elite plan – $149/month
  4. Professional plan – $189/month
  5. Enterprise1 plan – $279/month
  6. Enterprise2 plan – $359/month
  7. Enterprise3 plan – $480/month
  8. Enterprise4 plan – $600/month
  9. Enterprise5 plan – $769/month
  10. Enterprise6 plan – $1050/month
  11. Enterprise7 plan – $1500/month
  12. Enterprise8 plan – $2250/month

The plans include:


  • Guaranteed more BuyBox wins
  • FREE assisted set-up & benchmarking
  • Guaranteed you鈥檒l pay 20% less in repricing


  • from 1 to 4 Marketplaces
  • Stores across marketplaces
  • SKUs across marketplaces (from 2k to 1M)

Amazon, Walmart, Amazon Business repricer

  • BuyBox Bidder
  • Profit optimizer
  • Profit Calculator with margin & ROI
  • Min & Max automation
  • BuyBox Win/Loss Indicator 7 days
  • BuyBox Win/Loss Indicator 30/90 days
  • Reprice
  • Competitor-based
  • Velocity-based
  • Real-time – Amazon, Walmart, Amazon Business
  • Event Per Minute (EPM)
  • Competitor inclusion/exclusion list
  • Data feed to & from eComm platforms

eBay specifics

  • Radar
  • Competitor scan cycle
  • Tracking competing listings
  • Targeted competing sellers
  • HotList Items
  • AutoLock (on UPC/EAN/ePID/ASIN/ISBN)
  • Multi-variations
  • Competitor list download
  • AutoLock + (on MPN/SKU/IPN/Keywords)


  • Job Frequency
  • Update eBay
  • Data feed to & from eComm platforms
  • Price differentials (location, handling time)


StreetPricer is a feature-rich repricing tool specially tailored for Amazon, Amazon Business, Walmart and eBay.聽Its advanced AI features, comprehensive analytics and flexible repricing options (way too many, to be honest) make it a strong candidate for businesses selling on those 4 sales channels.

However, its complex and potentially expensive pricing structure may limit its appeal to larger businesses or those with more flexible budgets. Honestly, it's a little bit of a shame, because the tool has such great features, but the interface and the pricings, kinda ruin it.

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly
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