Scoutify is a mobile scouting application that is included with your InventoryLab subscription or trial.

It is designed to help you source products and decide wether they're winning products while on the go. With Scoutify, you can easily determine the potential profitability of an item, check if you are restricted from selling it, see how many other offers are available on Amazon, and view your personal sales and purchase history. It is available for download on both Apple iOS and Android devices.

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Scoutify 2, an Overview of InventoryLab's Mobile Sourcing Application

Scoutify Features

Downloading Scoutify, as a part of the InventoryLab, to get these features:

  • Built-in scanner for a Bluetooth option.
  • Calculator of your Potential Profit by entering your buy cost to see the potential profitability of an item.
  • Work with integrated tools to learn how often an item sells and its historical profit margin. This way, you can compare sales in other online marketplaces.
  • Utility of making 5-Star Buying Decisions where you can view key product details: Rank, category, offers, Buy Box and many more.
  • Amazon & FBA product profit calculator.
  • Pulls pricing data from other sites.
  • Creates a Buy List.
  • Quick and easy setup when log in into your InventoryLab account.
  • View entire search history.
  • An easy way to add items to a buy list including supplier, cost purchasing date and more; you can email your buy list to a CSV file.
  • Check if you are restricted from selling an item
  • See how many other offers are on that item at Amazon
  • View your personal past sales and purchase history of an item

You can also customize and configure your own data on:

  • Hazmat Alerts
  • Desired ROI
  • Rank Thresholds
  • Ideal Buy products and pricing ranges
  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Amazon Fees

scoutify app dashboard


Scoutify integrates with InventoryLab, an inventory management and bookkeeping solution for Amazon sellers. It also communicates with Amazon Seller Central through the Selling Partner API (SP-API) and requires a Professional Seller account registered for the US Amazon Marketplace.


Scoutify is a part of InventoryLab, so this part of the app is included when starting your 30 Day Free Trial. To enjoy it, you do need to sign up and become a subscriber, but there is no need of introducing the Credit Card information, and you will receive a 60 days of Back-Data.

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Scoutify, as said before, is a part of InventoryLab, so the price does depend on the Inventory Plan you do select to invest on:

  • Monthly Plan: $49/month.
  • Annual Plan: $480/year.

Both the plans do offer an All Back-Data and Dedicated Support team to help you.

scoutify app details and wishlists

Scoutify Review

Scoutify is a powerful mobile scouting application that provides Amazon resellers with the tools they need for retail arbitrage (Scanning barcodes) and online arbitrage on the go.

Its features, such as determining profitability, checking restrictions, viewing sales history, customizing shipping rates, taxes and Amazon fees will give the Amazon arbitragers all they need to success reselling on the Marketplace. The integration with InventoryLab fuels the workflow for sellers, as the accounting and inventory managament side is taken care of.

Some potential drawbacks of Scoutify include that it's limited to the US Amazon Marketplace and the lack of offline functionality, which doesn't happen in rival tools such as ScoutIQ.

Additionally, Scoutify is only available for mobile use and does not have a desktop version, which would be better to source online while browsing Marketplaces. If you are an online sourcer, you should check other alternatives such as BuyBotPro.

Despite these limitations, Scoutify offers an all-in-one solution for mobile scouting and product research for Amazon resellers.

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