BuyBotPro is a Chrome Extension that you can use directly when browsing the Amazon Marketplace featuring an automated FBA calculator and an online arbitrage / wholesale analysis tool.

This tool is a great alternative if you are dealing with online Arbitrage and want to automatize tasks.

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BuyBotPro has a complete set of +20 subtools which will make your life easier. Let's break them down:

Sales History Analyzer

A history analyzer for the BSR (Best Seller Rank) to check sales velocity and price. It uses Keepa information in its BuyBotPro charts.

ROI & Profit Calculator

Automatically calculate ROI & profit including some costs other calculators ignore:

  • Referral fees
  • Closing fees
  • Storage fees
  • FBA fulfillment fees
  • VAT (UK)
  • Etc

buybotpro extension

Competition Checker

The tool will tell you you exactly how many sellers there are on the listing including FBA/FBM and Vendor/Retail sellers plus their stock levels.

Eligibility & Brand Restrictions Checker

Fast check if you are elegible or gated for the category / brand / ASIN you want to enter.

Hazmat Detector

Instant check if your ASIN is on the Hazmat list

Amazon BuyBox & Listing Verifier

Check if Amazon is on the listing (meaning they're selling the product as Retail/Vendor) and if they have the Buy Box.

Oversize Alerter

Is your product oversized or heavy? Check it in no time using this tool so you know if your product is elegible for FBA / Prime.

Best Seller Rank (BSR) Predictor

BuyBotPro's algorithm will predict what the BSR will be for a certain product.

EFN Fee Calculator

European Fulfillment Network Fees (EFN) are more expensive for UK sellers selling into Europe. This is one of the “hidden fees” in other calculators, so now you won't loose any money.

Prep Center Bundle Fee Bumper

Another hidden fees other calculators are not taking into account. This feature will add the prep center bundle fee in your deal analysis.

Speed Of Sales Estimator

If you know the current BSR % you can get the product sales velocity for that %. This report covers top 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%

Private Label Alert

Avoid buying Private Label products by using this alerts. This will prevent future problems and suspensions.

Suggested Purchase Quantity

Assuming BuyBotPro scores the deal at least 68/100 it will suggest exactly how much items you need to buy in order to avoid being caught on overstock.

One-Click Buy Sheet Export

Export your entire data in just one click so you can use it on Excel or Spreadsheet. Column mapping is fully customizable.

Data includes:

  • Date of purchase
  • ASIN
  • Buy price
  • Sell price
  • ROI
  • Etc

BuyBotPro Score

Every tool needs his own score, and BuyBotPro has it too. An easy system based on a traffic light system will tell you if the product is:

  • Red: avoid it
  • Green: buy it

The result is based on BBP own algorithm which takes into account thousands of data points

Fully Customizable Buy Criteria

You can select important data such as:

  • desired profit range
  • desired minimum ROI
  • desired maximum ROI
  • BSR rank
  • Wether you want to be a fast seller, mid-range or high profits
  • Max buy count per ASIN
  • Total budget
  • Etc

Full Variation Feature

Full variation data. Check:

  • sizes
  • colours
  • child ASINs
  • number of sellers
  • price

Manual Sourcing Tool

Instantly find the Retailer/Wholesaler page. BuyBotPro even analyses your deal from their page, awesome!

IP Radar

Checks potential Intellectual Property violations affecting your Seller account

Works for the following marketplaces

  • US
  • UK
  • FR
  • IT
  • DE
  • ES

buybotpro extension product breakdown

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There are 2 pricing plans:

BuyBotPro No Suspension Safeguard – $34.95 / month, includes:

  • Full Deal Analysis
  • One-Click Full Due Diligence Automation
  • FAST! Results In Under 7 Seconds
  • “Grandfathered” Price – Never Pay More!
  • No Contract Cancel Whenever You Like
  • NO Suspension Safeguard

BuyBotPro With Suspension Safeguard – $44.95 / month, includes:

  • Full Deal Analysis
  • One-Click Full Due Diligence Automation
  • FAST! Results In Under 7 Seconds
  • “Grandfathered” Price – Never Pay More!
  • No Contract Cancel Whenever You Like
  • Suspension Safeguard INCLUDED

Every plan includes a risk-free 14 days trial

BuyBotPro review

BuyBotPro is, so far, the best online arbitrage tool I’ve tried. Why? It’s really simple, because it has all the tools you need to online arbitrage.

One notes that this software was designed by people who have experience with Amazon Arbitrage, as they know what you need and put things really easy for every seller. Take this as an example. I haven’t found:

  • a calculator including the EFN Fee
  • a software including every detail for every child ASIN
  • a fully customizable profit calculator
  • a speed of sales estimator
  • an elegibility checker
  • etc

So, in just one tool and for as low as $34,95 a month you can have a swiss army knife for online arbitrage saving you time, potential mistakes, potential suspensions and making your life easier. Don’t see why you’re not using it yet!

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