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Sadly, the project was discontinued and it's now called Tactical Expander.

Storefront Stalker PRO is a Google Chrome Extension that works in complicity with the popular online arbitration software Tactical Arbitrage and allows you to export up to 400 pages of Amazon products to functional CSV files. Then, these files can be imported into the “Reverse Search” function of Tactical Arbitrage, which will identify the sources, which match their ROI parameters and range of sales on more than 500 possible third-party sites.

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You can also spy on your competitors. Storefront Stalker PRO allows you to export up to 100 pages of ASIN from your competitor's stores. This data can be used to help you find where to buy these same items at prices that make you money. This tool has helped thousands of Amazon marketers find more products.

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  • Export up to 400 pages of Amazon Products into a CSV
  • Export 100 pages of ASINs from your competitors stores
  • Replaces the original versions of EE UU and the United Kingdom in one extension.
  • Ultra fast.


Lifetime access for $149 with no trial available

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Store front stalker review

There is no better, cleaner or faster solution for Amazon ASIN researching in the market today.

You will love the integration with Tactical Arbitrage. It's like having a Game Genie for Amazon FBA. Storefront Stalker PRO allows you to quickly destroy the competition and find profitable items.

One of my favourite features is the ability to search niches in the Amazon catalog, and getting all of those ASINs is incredibly powerful. It's like the Chuck Norris of the OA extensions. If you want an extension that allows you to download thousands of potential products and open incredibly powerful functions within Tactical Arbitrage, this is the first program you should buy. It's like a drug for online arbitrageurs.

SS PRO allows you to quickly scan each Amazon page with an specific keyword, which I then run through my scraping software to quickly find the profitable items.

SS Pro has been improving it's features in the last years. The extension will not only extract the elements from other vendors, you can also use it to extract the ASIN directly from the Amazon catalog itself. Whether you want to find Amazon's best selling items, engines and agitators, or if you want to delve into any category or subcategory. You can extract all the ASIN you need and then find out where to buy those items profitably.

One more thing, you can see the best selling items on Amazon and then export the data to Tactical Arbitrage or OAXray. Find out where you can buy it so then make a quick turn in the profitable item. You can download up to 400 pages of articles at once in just a few minutes.

Another reason why it is worth working with StoreFront Stalker Pro is the section of motors and agitators. In economics, as market demand increases, while inventory supply decreases, prices increase. This can work in your favor as a seller because you can locate and resell inventory at a very fast rate and, hopefully, extremely profitable.

One of the best things about this new version is the fact that you can download ASIN information of complete categories. Therefore, if you want to get all the ASINs from the Toy category to reverse the search, you can do so. You should delve into a subcategory as action figures due to the size of the entire toy catalog. But, category by category, you can get all the information you need to get out and find items to flip.

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