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Sellerassistant is a powerful Amazon product research tool for Amazon online arbitrage, dropshipping, and wholesale.

The tool helps Sellers find high-profit products with trustable data such as FBM & FBA fees breakdown, profit calculator, advanced IP alerts, a quick view, stock checker, and restrictions checker.

The best arbitrage tool for Amazon Sellers


Download Seller Assistant

Download the SellerAssistant Chrome /Safari / Firefox Extension for free in this link


Online arbitrage data

The tool provides a range of product information, including ASIN, BSR, category, product dimensions, size tiers, UPC, EAN, and model. Sellers can also view the current, minimum, and average price, as well as price dynamics. Long story short: all the data you need to analyze a potential product to resell using online arbitrage (or retail arbitrage).

FBM & FBA profit calculator

FBM & FBA profit calculator helps resellers calculate ROI and profit margin, break-even point, FBA small & light profit calculator!, targeted ROI price, and minimum price for Amazon repricer, wether they're using Amazon FBA, own carrier or even Seller Fulfilled Prime. Customizable 3rd-party logistics costs are also included, as well as a VAT scheme feature to help sellers understand the tax implications of your sales.

seller assistant app

Offers and competition per ASIN

List of offers, including FBM and FBA offers, as well as information on competitors' prices and ratings, and the lowest FBM and FBA prices, including Amazon Retail.

Custom notes and data

Add custom notes and data, including fillable cost of goods, notes, and source links. Sellers can also add likes and dislikes, and view this information on Amazon product pages, search pages, and Seller Central inventory pages.


This is one of SellerAssistant's major features when you compare this soft vs other similar competitors. The advanced IP alert system provides Sellers with unique intellectual property claims alerts and collects account health issues on a daily basis.


Sellerassistant's restrictions checker helps Sellers check for restrictions on product and search pages, and provides advanced IP alerts and notifications for HazMat, oversize, meltable, fragile, and adult flags.

Sales and profit estimator

The sales and profit estimator helps Sellers estimate total product sales and competition-based profit and sales.

Keepa graph

The integrated Keepa graph provides Sellers with BSR graphs and history, BSR drops for 30, 90, and 180 days, and average prices for 30, 90, and 180 days.

Variation viewer

This feature allows Sellers to view product variations and the percentage of reviews per variation.

Google Sheets export support

Allows Sellers to easily export their data to Google Sheets with just one click, and offers more than 80 variables for export.

Lookup links

Sellerassistant provides a range of lookup links, including searches on Google, Google Shopping, eBay, Walmart, Target, Webstaurant, Katom, The Home Depot, and Alibaba. Sellers can also lookup products by title, model, UPC, and EAN, as well as access trademark and HazMat lookup links and quick links to product descriptions.

Quick view on search pages

This feature isincluded on Amazon's search pages and provides Sellers with ASIN, BSR, category, FBM & FBA offers quantity, and the number of FBM & FBA offers, as well as likes, notes, and source links, IP-Alert, and the restrictions checker.

Stock Checker

Pulling live stock data from Keepa, Sellers can see the total product stock available for a certain ASIN, as well as the stock available by Seller and Seller type (FBA or FBM).

Bulk Restriction Checker

A useful tool for checking the restrictions on up to 1000 ASINs. Sellers can upload a list of ASINs and receive a report on the restrictions in their inbox.

Sub-Accounts for VAs

For sellers with employees or virtual assistants, SellerAssistant offers the ability to create sub-accounts for these users. This can help streamline the product research process and ensure that everyone is on the same page.


SellerAssistant integrates with a range of tools to help sellers with their product research. Some of the key integrations include:

Google Sheets

SellerAssistant can be integrated with Google Sheets, allowing sellers to easily import and export data for further analysis.


Keepa is a tool that allows sellers to track the pricing and sales history of products on Amazon. SellerAssistant can be integrated with Keepa to help sellers understand the trends and demand for products over time.

Every Amazon Marketplace

SellerAssistant woerks for Amazon Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and USA


SellerAssistant offers 2 pricing plans: free and paid

888lots Direct Liquidation and Wholesale

04 24 23 11 53 57 7



  • On-page Product Dashboard
  • Amazon Quick View feature
  • IP Alert feature

SOLO ANNUAL or MONTHLY PLAN – $150 per year/ billed yearly or聽$15 per month


  • On-page Product Dashboard
  • Amazon Quick View feature
  • Advanced IP Alert feature
  • FBM & FBA Profit Calculator
  • Google Sheets Support
  • Historical data and graphs
  • Custom Notes and Likes
  • Fragile Flag
  • Small & Light Flag
  • HazMat Flag
  • Meltable Flag
  • Oversize Flag
  • Fragile Flag
  • Amazon Flag
  • Adult Flag
  • ASIN, BSR and Category
  • Average BSR, BSR Dynamics, BSR Drops, BSR TOP
  • Variations Viewer
  • Stock Checker
  • Sales Estimator
  • UPC, EAN numbers
  • Product Model
  • Package Quantity
  • BuyBox Seller name and its storefront link
  • FBM and FBA Sellers Quantity
  • FBM and FBA Sales Estimate
  • FBM and FBA Calculator
  • VAT Support
  • Price Dynamics, Average Price, Minimum FBM Price, Minimum FBA Price
  • Amazon Referral Fee, FBA Fee, FBA Storage fee, Variable Closing Fee
  • FBM and FBA Logistics costs (Prepare and Labeling, Shipping, Fragile)
  • Small & Light FBA Calculator
  • FBM & FBA Profit, ROI, Margin
  • Break-even point, Prices with 10% ROI & 20% ROI
  • Custom product notes, Likes & Dislikes, Suppliers link
  • Google Sheets integration (Export to Google Sheet)
  • Analyzed products list
  • Bulk Restriction Checker
  • Access to sub-accounts product research results


SellerAssistant is designed by and for Amazon Resellers to be both a useful data tool and an easy to use one including all the relevant information for decision-making available right on the Amazon product pages, search pages, and inventory pages (under Seller Central).

The tool also has a personalized page with a research history to help sellers track their progress.

Features not available on other competing tools:

  • Google Spreadsheets export tool
  • Small & Light profit calculator
  • Bulk Restriction Checker up to 1,000 ASINs
  • Checks every possible ASIN restriction: HazMat, oversize, meltable, fragile & adult


  • Really easy to use
  • Very affordable, low pricing compared with other similar tools
  • Profit calculator including: FBA, FBM, Seller Fulfilled Prime and Small & Light
  • VAT scheme feature, really useful for European Sellers so they can deal with every different VAT % per country


  • May take some time to get used to, due to the huge amoount of features
  • Only available in English
  • Would be great to have more team integrations like Asana, Notion or Jira, especially when it comes to work with Virtual Assistants

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