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Case study: why you should never buy a database for your mailing list

In my life, I have drawn the strategy and developed a consider amount of e-mailings and all they have in common is one thing: if you send them to an unqualified database, they’re useless.
As an example, the following data belongs to 5 e-mailings I sent for my clients.
The gray bar “apertura” is the open rate % and the orange bar is the click rate.

As you can see, first 4 e-mailings where sent to a qualified database. To the core target.
The last one was sent to a non-qualified database.

The difference between the opening and click rate between qualified and non-qualified databases is astonishing.

An opening rate above 10% considering the over saturation of messages in inbox folders is more than a success.

Take a look at the first two databases. Users were not expecting these e-mailings because they were the firsts ones sent to the database ever. However, result is breathtaking. More than half of the database opens the mail and a quarter of it clicks it at least one time.
So, the best time you’re wondering whether you should buy an email database or not, remember this post 🙂

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