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Chatfuel is a bot platform creating AI chatbots for Facebook. It claims to be the leading chatbot platform. It has good reason to do so.

David Guetta, Levi’s, Lego, Golden State Warriors, ABC News, Greenpeace, TechCrunch or Adidas are just some of Chatfuel’s clients, creating milions of interactions a day on Facebook.

According to its website, 46% of all Messenger bots run on Chatfuel. That’s something of which they can be proud. But before going any further, we’d better clarify what a bot is. ‘Bot’ appears to be short for robot. But there is no robot to see. It’s a piece of software that can perform repetitive tasks. It can do this for a much longer and more productive time than a human can.

Chatbots welcome people who click on the Message button. They thank them for leaving a message and tell them the team will be present later. Often, page visitors don’t realize they’ve been communicating with a piece of software. A piece of artificial intelligence software known as a bot. Some people, who are aware, would recognize a bot immediately, but others wouldn’t.

Chatfuel Features

You will know you are interacting with a bot if you send an FB page private message and someone answers. Immediately. You may know that it’s night time in that page’s world. You know they should be asleep. That should give you a clue that you’re interacting with a bot. Typical FB Messenger bots give a welcome message. Sometimes they use your first name. Here are some of the actions of a bot I have noticed.

Welcome message

The bot will generally welcome you with a short message and may say your name. You may respond with something like ‘Hi, Mary! Is that you?’


At that time the bot will respond. They may tell you that he or she is sorry, ‘I’m only a bot’, they might say. The automated message tells you the time when you can next chat with a human.

Sales inquiries

Sometimes we find we’ve contacted a chatbot on a shop site. The bot on the shop page and can probably deal with simple inquiries. He/she can tell you the choices and leave it to you to decide on the item to buy. But bots have a habit of sounding intelligent and objective. So the person buys the item because the bot showed it and they liked it. Not because the bot recommended it.

So bots can drive sales and take care of your page in your absence. If you program them to perform a simple task on automation, they can do it. Bots have many functions but very few functions can be appreciated until now.

Pricing & Free Trial

There are three pricing models. They are as follows:

Free plan: up to 1000 subscribers

The bot is free. When your subscriber number is over 1000, you move into the next plan.


  • Basic Features: essential tools to automate your Messenger inbox
  • Chatfuel Branding: on bot landing page & payments page

Pro Level – USD$15.00 per month

The branding will be removed. You’ll get premium bot features. You will get some help with artificial intelligence thrown in. It sounds great. There’s no upper level for subscribers.


  • No Subscriber Limit
  • Full-Featured Bot: essential tools to automate your Messenger inbox
  • Remove Branding
  • Precise Targeting with Facebook Ads create lookalike and custom audiences in FB Ads Manager
  • Priority Support
  • Multiple Teammates: teammate access and administrative controls for collaboration

Premium Plan – USD$199 per month

You get a whole lot of extras. You get access to expert help and guidance. It is quite a steep price leap. You get your own dedicated account manager, so that’s a step upwards.


  • No Subscriber Limit
  • Full-Featured Bot: essential tools to automate your Messenger inbox
  • Remove Branding
  • Precise Targeting with Facebook Ads create lookalike and custom audiences in FB Ads Manager
  • VIP Support
  • Multiple Teammates
  • NewSynced Cloning: Push updates to many bots at once
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Bot Building Help
  • FB Ads Setup: assistance with FB Ads to drive subscribers to your bot

Chatfuel review

Here are my personal view and review of Chatfuel, having used the software extensively for some time.


From the outset, I was informed that Chatfuel’s bots can explode your business if used in the correct way. Their USP is that they can be trained to give correct answers to FAQs and they can understand a lot of what is said to them. The click-through rates which result from using these Messenger bots are very encouraging. The main aim should be to try to use this tool to its optimum potential. Use it well and it will work for you. The best thing is, you don’t have to understand coding to use this tool.


When it comes to supporting, the way to go about that is to search the community forum. It’s quite active and most of the problems I have encountered are covered here. It may lack the personal touch, but in any case, it works pretty well. The good thing is, the Chatfuel staff are active on the forum which means that I didn’t have to wait too long for an answer to my problem.

There is usually some concrete advice available after 24 hours at least. There’s a little time lag, but my patience is eventually rewarded. It’s possible to check the status of your answer on the status page in case there’s a delay in receiving any reply.

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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