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Shopmessage is a marketing tool based on the popular Facebook Messenger app. For online stores and small businesses, it works at building communication with customers. It helps to generate leads. Best of all, it helps convert leads into potential customers.

It has a familiar feeling for most customers, as almost everyone has a Facebook account. Shopmessage has a friendly, welcoming tone. It creates a sense of comfort and familiarity for new customers. This tool has been active for several years now. It has created some raving fans because of its usefulness in increasing business.

Shopmessage features

Shopmessage can drive sales for your shop. It uses some unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Check this list out.

  • You can open an account for your store and connect it to your Facebook page.
  • You can set up a message flow based on your online shop visitors’ activity
  • You can send abandoned cart alerts through this tool. You can also inform your customers when their favorite items are ‘in’ and you can also send price drop alerts.
  • You can also create a flow of ‘welcome’ messages, tailored according to your visitor’s activity.
  • Your messages will get their point across but they won’t have a ‘salesy’ feel. It will be more like texting a friend.
  • You can use Facebook data and your own data to create unique marketing campaigns. They won’t feel like mass marketing. Rather, they feel like friends reaching out to share tips and tricks about what’s new and current.
  • Shopmessage is an intuitive list-building tool. It doesn’t annoy users in the way ‘in your face’ ads would do. It helps you to have the right conversations with the right customers.
  • It integrates with every eCommerce platform. That’s a very useful feature. No matter where you have your online shop, you can use this tool. It can increase your sales and raise your business profile.

Pricing & Trial Period

There are two basic pricing models in Shopmessage. Pricing is flexible. You can upgrade, your subscription or even cancel any time you wish. If the upgrade doesn’t work for you, you can always go back.

Professional Package

This is a standard package for startups and small businesses. Pricing depends on the number of subscribers or contacts you have. It’s only USD $9.00 for up to 250 subscribers. It rises to USD $149.00 for up to 3,000 subscribers. At this level, the user will get messages sent to customers based on onsite activity. They also get individual customer segmentation, and full analytics figures. The customers will receive messages matching their online activity. Chat and email support is available.

Enterprise Package

This is for larger and rapidly expanding businesses. They get their own account manager and priority support. Besides the professional package, they get Instagram and Facebook support. They also get click to Messenger ads. It’s necessary to contact Shopmessage for pricing at this level.

Free Trial

A 30-day trial is offered when a user decides to open a professional account.

Shopmessage Review is yet another marketing tool which uses Facebook Messenger as its medium. Like the other tools which use the same medium, relies on the ease and accessibility of Facebook Messenger to the fingertips of millions of potential customers. This is my personal experience.


What I love about this tool is the way it makes preparing targeted campaigns so easy. I also really appreciate the customer service at Shopmessage. The customer service team lives up to its promises, providing quality customer care for all the difficulties which users may encounter along the way. Not that there are too many of those. There are not.

The winning feature is the fact that the tool is so easy to use. You don’t need to have the technical ability to use it. But the most powerful advantage is that it drives sales. It produces real results in a short time. That’s what prospective users need to hear.


Up to recently, was not accepting PayPal. As this is a popular mode of payment, some would-be users were put off by this, especially when there are similarly-styled alternatives which accept PayPal. Another factor which might put off potential users is the fact that does not offer military discounts either to active military personnel or to veterans. There are other, similar tools which offer the discount, so naturally, they will get the business rather than However, these shortfalls didn’t put me off as I use several modes of payment and never seek military discountsOur score

Our score

  • Number of features
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve
  • User friendly

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