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Improving conversions in Prestashop

If you have eCommerce sooner or later you will have to face the problems of conversions and carts abandoned by customers. As I mentioned a few days ago, if you have already optimised your catalogue and started to measure your eCommerce, you must concentrate on the metrics that matter for the conversion. With all this, you are now ready for the next step:

Improving conversions in Prestashop

One page checkout

Having a one page checkout is very easy in Prestashop, simply go to Preferences (in Presta 1.4) and mark “one step checkout”

If you want to improve the purchasing process even more, I recommend this module from Presteamshop, super-prepared for uploading conversion.

Clearly visible telephone number during the purchasing process

Wherever you are able to provide support to your customer to prevent abandonment, do so. Put a clearly indicated telephone number in all the purchasing steps. If you use the 5 step process, you can modify the order-steps.tpl file and include your telephone number there.


Install a chat, for example, the Zopim chat and you will see how you gradually receive enquiries from people who make a real mess of the purchasing process (quite a few do). By resolving those doubts, you will sell more.

Load speed

The load speed is crucial in both eCommerce and the purchasing process. Here are a few tips to improve page loading: 10 tips to speed up your Prestashop

Minimise registration form fields

Consider whether you are really interested in asking your customer their birth date. Personally I don’t care, so long as they buy… Removing tedious fields from the purchasing form is just as important as removing the 5 Prestashop steps.


Adding testimonials on the checkout page is very important. Real testimonials. This other Presteamshop module is very good for that: http://www.presteamshop.com/es/10-ifeedback.html. The pre-installed module in the eKomi Prestashop is also excellent for these things. Other customers’ opinions are increasingly raising conversion rates. You need to watch out for traps though, read this post: How can you trust product comments and opinions you find on the Internet?

Quality and security seals

The more security reassurances you can provide your customer, the better. Online reliability seal, Verisign seal, SSL seal… don’t hold back. The difference in terms of conversions in having a site that inspires confidence or not is critical.

Payment methods

Payment seals: important! Offer different payment methods and remember that everyone has their preferences when it comes to paying.

Your purchasing process should be similar to this (By default I use the Prestashop 1.5 payment process as a reference). Click on the image to enlarge it.

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