Shiptimize is a shipment management platform that offers a choice of multiple carriers, with pre-negotiated shipping rates. An excellent alternative to Amazon FBA.

In addition, Shiptimize's technology integrates with some of the most popular e-commerce platforms, enabling automation of processes such as the creation and printing of shipping labels and the activation of automatic and personalized tracking emails. Therefore, online stores can save up to 23% of the weekly time spent on these activities.

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In addition, the great advantage of Shiptimize is the fact that it offers a close and personal customer service, by email or telephone. Therefore, if something happens with a shipment, Shiptimize takes care of contacting the carrier to discuss the problem, keeping the customer always updated on the situation.


The Shiptimize platform allows you to completely manage all shipments in one single portal.

It is also possible to have access to shipping rates negotiated with different carriers without the shop having to have a contract with each of them. Moreover, this offer allows both national and international shipments to other countries, inside or outside Europe.

Shiptimize integrates with CMS or e-commerce creation software, allowing automated import of shipping information. So labels are created and printed in just two clicks, making the process much faster and reducing the possibility of manual errors, improving overall shipment quality. It also allows you to do the same process for printing return labels.

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On the platform it is also possible to automate the sending of personalized follow-up e-mails with the visual identity of the online shop and in the desired language.

What about customer service? in case something happens to the package, the company offers a support service by email and phone, which makes the bridge between the store and the carriers that takes care of solving any incident.

How it works

There are two main ways to use the Shipitmize platform:

  • Integrated with the e-commerce platform through plugins and applications
  • Through the web version in a manual way.

In both cases it is possible to access the services offered. The big difference is that the integration allows automatic import of shipping information directly from the store. In the case of the web version, it is possible to upload this information manually, one by one, when the amount of shipments is not so high, or by uploading a CSV file, for bulk shipment information.

Once an account is created, the store can start shipping. The process is simple:

  1. Load or import shipping information and choose the desired method
  2. Automated Shipping Label Creation and Printing

Due to the integration with transport companies, it is possible to track the status of all orders directly on the platform.

Shiptimize also offers the following services, depending on the carrier chosen for each shipment:

  • Collection of packages
  • Deliveries in 24, 48 and 72 hours
  • Insurance

Associated transport companies

  • Express Mail
  • Tourline Express
  • UPS
  • GLS
  • B2C Europe


  • Prestashop
  • Oscommerce
  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • Opencart
  • CCV Shop
  • Mijnwebwinkel
  • Shopify

In addition to the plugins, applications and add-ons for these platforms, it is possible to integrate Shiptimize into your eCommerce via APi. Furthermore, the company is constantly developing new integrations.

Up to 80% discount



The use of the Shiptimize platform and most of its add-ons and applications for integration with e-commerce platforms is completely free. Therefore, online stores only pay for shipments and even then with securities previously negotiated with the carriers, thus benefiting from that trading capability. In addition, there is no minimum shipping limit.

In the meantime, Shiptimize unites the volume of shipments from all its customers and thus manages to negotiate significant reductions in rates and transfer the reduced value to the users of the platform.

The value of each shipment varies according to the desired service, the chosen carrier, the weight of the package and the destination of the order. All these values are displayed as soon as the online shop requests a proposal or opens an account.

Shiptimize reviews

Shiptimize is a very complete solution for online store shipments. It stands out for its ease of use and the number of options for both services and carriers, it adapts to the size and needs of each business.

And, if help is needed, their service by email and phone becomes a great differential value compared to other companies.

Furthermore, the platform is free of charge and does not charge any monthly fees, fees or subscriptions. The shipping costs are lower than if the store went directly to the carrier and together with the integrations and automations save you time and money with the shipments of your packages.

All types of products can be avoided except for fresh produce, but the company continues to create new partnerships all the time and we may see that soon.

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