Trackerbot is an amazing tool to help you fully automate your e-commerce business. Just upload the tracking numbers via Trackbot and the other information will be filled in just one single click.

Manual tracking models are a waste of time and money. The  Trackerbot will be telling you when tracking will be available. you can get your store analytics and tracking upload. They will be doing all jobs without any error.

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Join our newsletter: +1,5k subscribers


Automatic integration for the eBay sellers

Chrome extensions are really great to upload your tracking and get the Highest conversion  without any involvement of eBay API. Trackerbot has made life easy for many people without any hassle. The users will be using the affordable Blue care Express and your orders will be fulfilled with just a single mouse-click.

Blue care Express tracking is automatically converted to BCE at the lowest prices. You just have to pay only-$0.04 dollars. eBay does not patch up with Amazon tracking numbers but this does not create a problem for Blue care Express.

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Integrated shipment

Ship your orders without any error from eBay and Amazon in the fastest way is possible now- you can copy-paste the entire name and address of the buyer from the marketplace to the supplier. “paste me” is the best tool in this regard, it is reliable 100 percent accurate. It is supper and easy to fulfill your orders and it is really affordable for users.

Trakerbot fulfills your order with a single mouse click– you just have to go to the Paste me option just put the address of the buyer and ship your product to the customer address without facing an error. This works in a fast way with Amazon and eBay.

Auto message delivery

This is a good choice to make the customers happy. Every customer will get a delightful message when any mediums will be sold or shipment will be made. Auto reminder messages to the clients  helps you to build your feedback to improve overall ratings.

Automatic feedback request

Leave the feedback automatically to all your buyers to help you to increase the range of the products.

Automatic messaging system

The auto messaging system is great when every item is sold, conveyed, or shipped. The buyer will receive the auto-massage for enlightenment.

Title builder

Title builder Improves the SEO of the items. By improving their titles with the right keywords, you can improve the overall ranking of the listings and improve sales.


Trackerbot pricing plans are flexible and they help users to choose the custom pricing plan that fits their needs.

Monthly Starter $14.99/month

  • Charge only $12.49 a month when paying for a whole year.
  • Covers all basic features.
  • Allows 3 Gmail and 1 seller account and more than 150 tracking per month.
  • BCE tracking and Bonus are not available.

Professional – $22.99 per month

  • Save 19.16 if the payment is made for the year.
  • 500 trackings can be made per month.
  • Allows 2 sellers accounts and up to 10 Gmail accounts.
  • Does not support BCE and Bonus tracks.

Business – $29.99 per month

  • $24.99 can be saved if billed for a whole year.
  • Support BCE tracking of 200 which are not available in starter and professional plans.
  • 1500 tracking are available for a month.
  • Allows 3 sellers' accounts.
  • Users will bet a bonus of $0.04.

Enterprise plans – $44.99 per month

  • Covers all the Basics and more than 2500 tracking per month are allowed
  • Users can build 5 accounts and 10 Gmail accounts
  • 350 BCE tracking per month are available
  • Get bonus BCE at 0.04 for a month

Huge plan $64. 99 per month

  • Covers all basics
  • Allows 500 tracking for a month
  • Ability to create more than 10 sellers accounts and 20 Gmail accounts and 600 tracking for a month
  • You will get bonus at $0.04

Baller plan $109.99 per month

  • Can be saved $91.66 for a month.
  • Covers all the basics.
  • Allows 20 seller accounts and 40 Gmail accounts.
  • 1000 BCE tracking for a month.
  • The users will get a bonus of $0.04.

Trackerbot review

One f the best time-saver tools for Amazon and eBay seller. Helps the user to make fewer mistakes as tracking number entries is a painstaking and difficult task for every user. Just upload the tracking number to eBay or Amazon directly from the Gmail account so you have nothing to worry about. Setup is very easy, even common users can do it with ease.

This overall helps the user to keep the balance in accordance with processing time and sales analytics are automatically uploaded. The tracking numbers are generated by the suppliers.Supporting more than fifty suppliers and for all amazon platforms, users can also run a manual dropshipping store if they desire.

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