Taxdoo is a solution to control value added taxes and duties when selling online internationally.

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It is a tool that is based on a hybrid model between software that automates processes and a consulting service provided by tax experts for different countries.

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Surely just reading what you have just read has brought a smile to your face. In the management of a business, the part related to taxation is as delicate as it is cumbersome. A human error is a huge problem with consequences that directly affect the economic margin of the company.

But when we talk about a project that is developed in several markets, with different tax regimes and regulations… everything becomes exponentially more complicated.

This is precisely what motivated the Taxdoo team to create its management and consulting solution. To cover a need that has become more and more widespread, especially in the last decade with the explosion of e-commerce and its ease of selling in other territories.

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Unlike other software, Taxdoo does not have an excessive catalog of features. Yet all the ones that are there are fully functional and necessary to do their job.

This is not at all negative, the truth is that when we go into these issues, what matters most to us is simplicity, we do not want to need to be experts.

Cross-platform automation

When we say that it is an eCommerce tool, we are referring to the broadest sense of the word. Taxdoo is capable of automatically retrieving data by connecting with the main CMS, marketplaces and even ERPs. The list is long, but includes, for example:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Plentymarkets
  • JTL
  • Afterbuy
  • Shopify
  • Billbee
  • C-Discount

Thanks to this automatic way of data entry and connection via App, the tool is able to free up resources and drastically reduce the ability to make mistakes in manual processes. Whatever platform you work with.

Tax consultancy

The truth is that it goes beyond being a tool to upload invoices. With the monthly fee of the service we also opt for advice and monitoring of VAT on each of your payments.

As Taxdoo has advisors in multiple countries of the European Union, its management is much more efficient and adapted to the tax laws of each of them. In a way it would be equivalent to having a local agency for each of the markets you work in.

This gives you enormous peace of mind, so much so that you only have to pay the corresponding amount when the deadline arrives with the security of having all the calculations made to the cent and your VAT refunds will arrive by themselves, even in cases with certain particularities such as the SAF-T of application in Poland.

taxdoo Intrastat

Accounting Support

You can download all the reports corresponding to each period through your control panel both globally and country by country.

All the reports you download from the application are perfectly legal and guaranteed to pass any audit. Not for nothing does it allow you to generate pro-forma invoices (including Amazon invoices tool, Supplier invoices tool, Vendor invoices tool, etc)

and export the data directly to DATAEV, one of the leading platforms in Germany – where Taxdoo is headquartered – and at European level.

The latter will be especially appreciated by accountants who also use the tool to provide consulting and advisory services to third parties.

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On their website they have a simulator to calculate approximately what the cost of their service will be, although they also have a table that can guide you on the parameters in which it moves.

There are four different packages:

  • Basic pack for up to 1,000 items per month: 89€/month
  • Basic pack for up to 5,000 items per month: 119€/month
  • Basic pack for up to 10,000 items per month: 149 €/month
  • Basic pack for up to 15,000 items per month: 199€/month
  • Basic pack for up to 20.000 items per month: 249€/month

To this you can add other additional services that are provided as extras such as export to DEV, the issuance of proforma invoices, specific reports or the hours allocated by your team to other non-specific tasks that come out of the basic package.

There is only one additional cost in the case of cancellation before one year has elapsed, it is 500€. This fee is reduced by half after 12 months.

For the visitors of our directory, Taxdoo offers a special promotion consisting of 3 free months of your entry plan.

Taxdoo Reviews

Taxdoo customers generally say that they have gained peace of mind while their business has become more productive. These types of tools make the difference and pay for themselves very quickly because of their ability to free up internal resources and outsource to trusted external professionals in each of the markets we work in.

If you are concerned about “doing things right” with the different administrations, Taxdoo is a great alternative for risk-free VAT payment management.

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